Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Second Pregnancy Problems

You know when you're pregnant for the second time and you don't have the time in your day to actually blog about it and announce it until 17 weeks?  That's me!

For any of you who didn't already know (or people who aren't my immediate family, if any of you are reading this blog), Parker is getting a little brother or sister sometime around December 1!

Some fun facts:

Yes this was planned.  Yes it happened quicker than we thought.  And yes, sometimes I think we're crazy.  Having 2 kids under 2 (only for a few months, they will be about 22 months apart if I go full term) is going to be pretty insane for awhile I think.  But I'm also really excited about how close in age they are going to be.

I'm terrified of having 2 under 2 to be honest.  Parker is still very needy and he will be too young to really know what's going on.  But I know in a few years the small age gap won't make a huge difference.

They will be only one year apart in school because Parker was born in January of 2015 and this baby will be born before the end of 2016.

I have been having another good pregnancy, but the symptoms hit me a lot earlier.  I felt much more nauseous and the fatigue started immediately instead of at 8 weeks.  But luckily both of those symptoms calmed down by around 9-10 weeks. 

I started showing much earlier.  Like at 8 weeks, last time was around 20.  Most people still don't think I'm showing, it just looks like I have a bit of a gut, but in comparison there is a big difference to what I looked like last time.

I still crave carbs, just like I did with Parker.  But now meat is not my friend.  I can eat it, but it's not satisfying at all.  A big bowl of cheese cappeletti on the other hand...I could eat that every night!!

Maybe some day I will edit the weekly (ok biweekly...) pictures that I've been taking and post them.  I told you that second pregnancies were a bit different...


Friday, 3 June 2016

Why Wouldn't You Want to Sit in a Box

So apparently I never posted this and just found it in my's still worth a post though because he still cracks me up!
  This kid cracks me up.  I looked over at him one day while we were in the office and he's climbing head first into the box.  He then proceeds to sit in the box and play with whatever he found in there.