Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Terrible Reasons to Have a Baby (Or are they?)

Some days I think about having babies, and I have a few good reasons for wanting them.

1. I get a year off work - although I hear having a baby doesn't exactly make life easier, so it's not really a year long vacation
2. So I can buy cheap baby stuff off Kijiji - the other day (don't ask how I got on the baby section), I found a Bumbo for $10, all the What to Expect Books for $10, a Moby Wrap for $25, a Baby Bjorn for $25....I had a strong urge to go buy them so I was prepared.
3. I wouldn't have to buy tampons anymore.  Oh but wait a second, apparently babies are more expensive than tampons?
4. Because everyone is doing it.  But they aren't, I literally don't know anyone who is pregnant right now.
5. Because I'm old.  Ryan is older.
6. So that I don't have to clean out the litter box anymore.

However, listening to ladies in the change room after fitness talk about their pregnancies and say things like "I gained 70 pounds" and "I don't have any ab strength, they cut through all the muscle when I had my c-section"  Ick!  It sounds awful. 


Monday, 29 April 2013

In the Garden

I spent some time gardening this weekend.  And by some time, I mean a very small amount of time.  I have the attention span of a knat when it comes to gardening.  I just hate it.  I want my gardens to look nice and I think that if I knew what to do with them, it wouldn't be so bad  But usually I end up pulling a lot of stuff out, leaving a lot of stuff in (because I'm not sure what it is and don't want to pull something out that's going to be pretty), and then giving up.

So that's where we got to this weekend.  I pulled out some weeds and tried to clean up all of the leaves and dead stuff from last year.  And then I watched The Real Housewives of Miami.  (Which I might not continue doing, that version of the show just doesn't do it for me.)

Um, that's my gardening post.  Short, just like my gardening experience.

Not my garden.....(source)


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Things I Love

Goat Cheese What's not to love?

Scrubs I just watch the seasons over and over, it never gets old and it's always funny

Wearing yoga pants to work They were Lulu Wunderunders and I wore a dress over them, but that doesn't make them any less comfy

This Weather Nice enough to drive with the sun roof open, and to wear my Toms and my spring jacket that I love

Real Housewives of Anything Although I'm sad that Beverly Hills is over, Orange County has started! Yippee!!


Tabata That workout kicks my butt, but I feel so good about myself afterwards

50 Shades of Grey I started it on our vacation.  I waited so long because I really thought I would hate it, but it's just a love story deep down and so I really love it

Monday, 22 April 2013

Swimming with Tony

Another check mark off the 30 before 30 list!  The great thing about this list is that it might make you do things that you normally wouldn't.  Like swimming with dolphins for example.  I think that if it wasn't on my list, I would have said that it was too expensive.  But instead I saw this as my chance and went for it.

This is Tony.  He is an 8 year old dolphin from Cuba.  We were pretty good friends.

Actually, I was kind of terrified of him.  I'm not sure why, but I thought I was going to hurt him by touching one of his holes...and then I thought he was going to hurt me by hitting me with his tail.  I have a feeling that would hurt.

But in the end, we were friends, and he gave me a kiss.  (I gave him one too).  Other things that Tony could do included water fights, clapping, singing and dancing around in a circle.  They are so smart.
It was a great experience and something that I will probably never do again.  Everybody should swim with dolphins at some point in their life, right?


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Punta Canada

Punta Canada is what everyone who tried to sell us something said when they asked where we were from.  They thought they were being original, but they obviously weren't.

So it's pretty hard to shorten one great week and 440 pictures into one blog post, but I'm attempting to do it.  Last week we travelled to the Grand Palladium Punta Cana for one of Ryan's friends weddings.  This meant that I was travelling with 9 guys and one other wife basically.  It made for an interesting week.

To start the trip off, we had a flight that left at 6:20 in the morning.  So we decided to stay in a hotel the night before.  Unfortunately the latest shuttle we could get was at 2:30am.  So the boys decided to stay up all night and have a few beers in the hotel room (because we weren't going to get enough of those at the all inclusive resort).  Needless to say, the airport and the flight were slightly painful.  It was painful for me and I was sober and had three hours sleep.
The resort was nice.  It had decent food, and a lot of a la carte restaurants, so we only ate at the buffet one night.  The only downfall was how big the resort was.  Most of the time it didn't matter, because we had a pool and the beach and a buffet very close to us.  But, if we wanted to go to the Sports Bar, which had food 24 hours, it was a 15 minute walk or you had to find one of these golf carts or the train to take you.  Don't worry, we didn't actually steal this golf cart.
Ryan pretending to drive fast
Sometimes Ryan didn't make it to dinner (by sometimes I mean once) and so mullet man was my date.  I'm a lucky girl.  (The mullet isn't real, in case you were concerned.)

We did a dune buggying excursion with our group.  It was alright.  The best part  was probably the fresh water caves that they took us swimming in. 

Oh and then there's the reason for this whole trip.  The wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, although very hot! 

The guys were amazed by the flying boat all week.  Until they found out that it was $75 for a 10 minute ride.
Hey look!  A flying boat!

Because our husbands wouldn't do it with us - knees together Kaileigh...
 We had some free time between the ceremony and dinner, so it was back to the pool for us!

After dinner, they had a beach party for just the wedding guests.  All wedding receptions should be held on the beach, no shoes required. 
Of course you would steal a kayak for the Harlem Shake - seriously we don't know where she got the kayak
 The evening ended with myself, my friend Charity and the bride practicing our ballet (or ring around the rosie as the bride's son called it) in the ocean. 
And no trip is complete without pool beer pong.  Ok maybe it is, but we played anyways!

Trips are never as interesting to anyone else as it is to the people who were there, so I will end my post here.  It was a great week though.  I went in not really knowing what to expect, but in the end, you can't complain about sun, sand and good friends!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Home Again Home Again

You may have notice I have been absent for a week.  We just got home from the Dominican Republic yesterday!  I had this great plan to do about 3 scheduled posts while I was gone.  Well obviously that didn't happen.  What can you do.

So I don't have the time to say much today and go into the details of our trip.  We went for a friends wedding, and it was a really great trip.  There was some sickness amongst the guys, but I think that overall we all had fun.  The only time we would all go on a trip together is for a wedding, so it was great to have an excuse.

It's good to be home though.  Our bodies were ready for normal again. The kitten won't let us out of her sight.  I feel kind of badly leaving her to go to work. 


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Never Have I Ever.....

I'm exhausted.  Last night was one of those nights when my husband decided to snore loudly.  The man falls asleep and starts snoring within about 30 seconds.  I couldn't handle it and I knew I wasn't going to be able to tune it out any time soon.  So I moved to the couch.  I brought my pillow and used the quilt my grandma made me, the kitten snuggled in (she never snuggles with me int he bed).  It was actually lovely.

Ryan came out looking for me at 5:00 this morning.  So I went back to the bedroom and maybe got 10 more minutes of sleep because Pipsi thought it was time to get up and so was running around the bedroom with her jingle ball. 

Never Have I Ever
So now I am le tired.  But I really wanted to link up with Nadine's Never have I ever.  I thought that if I left the post until this morning things would just come to me.  I think I was wrong, so this might be a short post.

Never have I ever....

Had a fake ID
It's hard to find a fake when you are a ginger.  So I waited to go to the bar until I was 19.

Posted a selfie on my blog or facebook
And I hope to keep it that way.  They look ridiculous.  (Facebook selfies are worse than blog selfies though).

Lived by myself
I mean completely alone.  I always had roommates in University and then moved out of my parents house into a house with Ryan.
Second year roommates
Won a Million Dollars
But a girl can dream....

Had a tan
Haha just kidding!  Ginger joke.  But really I think if you asked my sister she would probably agree that I've never had a tan.

Second last day of our honeymoon - yes that is the tanned version

Watched any of the Star Wars movies
I don't feel the urge.

Ok that's enough for today.  Back to bed....just kidding, unfortunately there's this thing called work.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Clucking Bunnies

As you may have heard, this past weekend was Easter.  There are many pros to Easter.  Family time, chocolate, food and of course a day off from work.  It was a good, and very busy weekend!

We went out to Ryan's parents on Friday.  We went for a short walk to check out all of the wood that they have cut this year.  This time last year we probably could have gone on a long walk.  This year wasn't really ideal for walking though.  There is still a bit of snow but it's wet and melty and slippery.  So the walk was short.
Saturday we had a family easter combined with a birthday party.  The family always has so much fun when we get together.  And you are never too old for the cousins picture around the birthday cake!

We also had a giant game of crud.  Crud is a game that you play on a pool table.  You only use the cue ball and the 8 ball and it's all about throwing the cue ball and hitting the eight ball.  You want to hit it before it stops moving.  If you do, then the next person goes.  If it stops moving before you hit it, you get a strike.  4 strikes and you are out of the game.  Last person standing wins.  That's the shortened version.

So we played a giant game of crud with about 9 people.  I hadn't played since I was much younger so it was a lot of fun!

We also had a dinner at my parent's house.  3 family dinners makes for a busy weekend! 

You know what I miss though?  Easter egg hunts.  I really do.  Sometimes growing up really sucks.


Last week I went to the Carrie Underwood concert with some girls for my cousin's 30th birthday.  

If I gained nothing else from the experience, she has pushed me to work harder on my legs.  Hers are just fantastic...

 But anyways on to the concert.  Carrie puts on a good show.  She sounds just as amazing live as she does on her CD.  If I didn't know better I would think she was lip syncing.  Clearly she won American Idol for a reason.

My favourite parts of the show is when she sang Remind Me, and they had a pre-recorded Brad Paisley on the screen next to her singing his part.  It was pretty neat.  The grand finale (also known as an encore) was Blown Away and I think that it really did blow everyone away.  Wow that was cheesy of me.  They had wing and confetti like paper blowing all over the place though.  It looked awesome.

Just to prove that I was actually there, here is one picture that I took.  As soon as I took the first picture, I really regretted not having my good camera.  Who knows if it would have made a difference though.