Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Terrible Reasons to Have a Baby (Or are they?)

Some days I think about having babies, and I have a few good reasons for wanting them.

1. I get a year off work - although I hear having a baby doesn't exactly make life easier, so it's not really a year long vacation
2. So I can buy cheap baby stuff off Kijiji - the other day (don't ask how I got on the baby section), I found a Bumbo for $10, all the What to Expect Books for $10, a Moby Wrap for $25, a Baby Bjorn for $25....I had a strong urge to go buy them so I was prepared.
3. I wouldn't have to buy tampons anymore.  Oh but wait a second, apparently babies are more expensive than tampons?
4. Because everyone is doing it.  But they aren't, I literally don't know anyone who is pregnant right now.
5. Because I'm old.  Ryan is older.
6. So that I don't have to clean out the litter box anymore.

However, listening to ladies in the change room after fitness talk about their pregnancies and say things like "I gained 70 pounds" and "I don't have any ab strength, they cut through all the muscle when I had my c-section"  Ick!  It sounds awful. 


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