Sunday, 28 May 2017

Little Guy in the Big City

Cooper made his first trip to Toronto this weekend.  My family went down to my brother's apartment and to the Jay's game for his birthday.  We left Parker at home, but the child that I now refer to as the boob monster came with us due to his inability to take a bottle.

He was such a good boy.  He slept a few times throughout the game.  He watched a bit.  He mostly flirted with the ladies behind us.

And bonus, the Jays won! Although half the people with us had gone for beer during the only scoring home run of the game...

 And this hat that his Grams bought him at the game...isn't it just the cutest!

 He loved to look around as we were walking through the city and on the subway.  One second he was looking around, the next I looked at him and he was fast asleep in his stroller.  Oh the life of a baby.  


Cottage Season Begins

We love our cottage.  We have a family cottage that my Grandpa owns and have grown up spending weekends there with our cousins, aunts and uncles.  Now that the family is so big, each family gets their own individual weekends, but long weekends still belong to everyone.

May 24 is kind of the official start to the summer at the cottage.  Every year we have a canoe trip and so a lot of the family will go up that weekend.  This year's canoe trip was a very condensed version due to a combination of weather and people's schedules, but for those who went, it was better than nothing! (

Babies have been bathed in the sink for years at the cottage since we only have a shower.  So of course I had to give Cooper his first official sink bath.  He loved it of course and loved splashing around!

Parker had a great time at the cottage.  My cousin's kids were there and he loved having kids to play with and spending time with his aunt and uncle.  The dinos were his favourite.  Here dino is eating cucumber of course.
He also had his very first ice cream cone because Aunt Linda is more nervy than mommy. (And mommy doesn't like messes).  He did pretty well with it though and didn't even bit the bottom off.  Although he did try to take a chunk out of the side.
These two cousins are 3 months apart.  How lucky they are that they will get to grow up together.  

I wasn't sure if Parker could handle the whole canoe trip, so he just went on a short ride across the lake.  I think that hopefully next year he will be able to go for a few hours with Daddy and Auntie Tal.  I have been breastfeeding or pregnant for like the last 3 years, so who knows, maybe next year I will go too.

It was a great weekend.  So relaxing and nice to spend with family.  

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

First Foods

We are at that point in time where Cooper is eating real food.  I honestly was not looking forward to it at all.  Mostly I didn't want to deal with poopy cloth diapers...but unfortunately babies do grow up and they do need to learn to eat something other than breastmilk!

Cooper started solids a few days after he turned six months old.  He has had carrots, sweet potatos, pears and rice cereal.  So far carrots are his favourite.  He does ok with the purees and I only feed him once a day right now, and miss the odd day.

For those who are interested, I tend to make my own baby food.  It's so much cheaper and it's so easy, and considering how many recalls there are on food these days, it's nice to know what they are actually eating!  All it takes is a bit of steaming of whatever I want to make for them, I throw it in the baby bullet for about 30 seconds and it's done.  


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mom's Day

We are a bit behind over here.  Life has been busy, and with summer coming is about to get a lot busier!

As you all know, Mother's day was a couple of weeks ago.  This day is so much more important to me now that I am a mother.  Now that I'm a mom, I think about all of the sacrifices my own mom has made for me over the years.  I understand her so much better and truly appreciate everything she does for me and my kids.

 The boys and Ryan gave me some great gifts for Mother's Day.  But more importantly than the gifts, I just took the time to reflect on how thankful I am for this life that I have.  My kids bring me an enormous amount of happiness and purpose.  

Being a mom is an honour.  It doesn't come easily to everyone, it doesn't happen for everyone, and the fact that I have the responsibility for these two little people is something I'm so grateful for.