Monday, 9 January 2017


I put the boys in matching cloth diapers and I couldn't resist the urge to take pictures.


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Playing Fun

There is a new play centre in town.  I went the other day with a friend and her little boy to give the boys some play time.  

Since school was still out it was crazy busy.  But Parker still had a blast.  At first he was really unsure because there were so many kids there.  But with a bit of help he started climbing the structure and would go down the slide with someone.

By the end he was climbing on his own and with a bit of coaxing would go down the slide by himself.  It was amazing to see his confidence build in the couple of hours that we were there.  Then he would go off and play on his own without worrying where I was.

We will definitely be going back and I hope to make it a weekly thing to give Parker something fun to do besides watching me nurse Cooper at home...


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Cooper at 2 Months Old

Cooper is already 2 months! How did that happen? He's a pretty easy going baby and I think we are pretty lucky that he's ours!

Weight: we will find out on Jan 10

Height: we will also find this out on Jan 10

Feeding: He will eat anywhere from anywhere 2-4 hours. Lately he has really spread them out. He can do a 5 hour stretch at night, which makes mama happy.

Sleep: During the day he sleeps like a champ. The night has been a bit more of a struggle. For awhile it was really hard to get him down at night. He would cluster feed until after midnight. Every time he fell asleep and I put him down he would wake up. Currently he is going down okay and the past couple nights actually fell asleep on his own in his crib.  But then he often is awake for a long stretch in the night. He typically wakes up around 3am but I have had nights where he has been awake until 5:30. Luckily Ryan has been off so I have been able to sleep in.
He really wanted to sit up on his own

We moved him to his crib at 8 weeks and he's doing well there.  I think that helps with him falling asleep on his own because I don't jump every time he makes a peep.

Last night he actually slept through the night!  He was in our bed, so it's only half a win...but still, it's a step in the right direction.

He is smiling but is stingy with them. I want more smiles!
Sleeping a longer stretch at night.
A little bit of cooing. 

The bath now that I'm putting him right in the water instead of on the sling.
Boobs - the kid loves to eat

Not being fed
Bed time
That's about it, he only fusses if he's hungry and is fussy at night when I want him to go to bed.

His big brother loves him. We hear "baby sad" all the time, which doesn't mean the baby is sad necessarily as Cooper can be sleeping when he says it. He likes to show him off to people and give him kisses and hugs. He tries to help bath him, put lotion or his boots on.  It's really sweet. Luckily, Cooper is tough because Parker can be a bit rough with him if we aren't careful.

I know it only gets better from here and the next couple of months will be fun as Cooper starts interacting more. I can't wait until he can interact with Parker and I'm sure they will be best buds!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Our Christmas

Get ready for picture overload.  I started typing out a blog post about our Christmas, but it was getting long and out of hand.  So I will try to keep this short and sweet with a million pictures.  

Christmas is my favourite time of year!  This year our Christmas started on December 23, as it always does with the Christmas eve church service.  Parker enjoyed it and tried to sing during performances, dance on his chair and kept telling me to shhhh.  Then Ryan took him out to run the halls as an hour long church service is too long for a 2 year old.

Christmas eve we spent with Ryan's family.  No pictures unfortunately because someone (me) forgot to put the memory card in the camera.  Parker was spoiled by Grandma and Aunt Amy and we ate a delicious meal prepared by Ryan's mom.

 I asked Parker to hold Cooper for the Christmas tree picture.  Parker loves holding Cooper.  Cooper doesn't enjoy it quite as much.  

Opening his new training pants - I'm more excited for them than he was.

Parker got a new Cow Cow backpack.
Parker and Cooper got a new kitchen to play with.  It amazes me how at this age he is already totally into playing pretend. 
Cooper just sat in his chair.
Trying to get a family picture.  Parker grabbed my hair, which is pretty normal.  
Parker's new sneaks.
At the Cottage on boxing day - it's a Parker in a box.
He waited very patiently for his gifts.
My grandma holding Cooper on Christmas day.
My family - I love these boys!

On Christmas day Parker got bundled up and went for a snowmobile ride with Bapa.

A new Cow Cow!
December 27 we went to my grandma's.  This is the kids table!  I thought Parker wouldn't be able to handle it, but he actually sat there and ate some of his meal.  He was following his big cousin's lead!  But seriously, he did everything that Trace did.  If Trace scratched his head, Parker scratched his head.  It was pretty cute.

It was a fantastic Christmas.  I know that every Christmas from here on will just get better and better because the kids will have more fun every year.