Tuesday, 11 July 2017


I have a friend who is constantly telling me that she's jealous that I'm such an amazing mom.  She says it's so great that we are always out and busy, camping and doing activities.  The thing is, half the time, when it comes to our activities, I feel like a below average mom.  I'm not great at getting down on the floor and playing with my kids, we don't get outside and go to the park every day, and I don't read them nearly enough stories.

I look at this same mom and think that she's unbelievable.  She's in the lake with her kids, she goes on walks to the playground twice a day.  With a two week old, she was still taking her two year old to activities on a daily basis.  

I have another friend who potty trained her son before he was two.  It was a long road, but she took the time to sit with him in the washroom.  To constantly ask him if he had to go potty and stop what she was doing to take him throughout the day.  And I think, she's amazing!  I don't have the time or patience to do that yet with Parker.

I think that we are all looking for validation that we are good moms.  We see what other moms do and think that they are doing it better than us.  I want to take my kids to the park twice a day too!  But then the day happens and the park doesn't.  But there are things that I'm doing that other moms wish they could do.  But the lucky part of this is, that our kids don't really know the difference.  They love us for what we do actually do with them.  Parker might not have memories of tons of playground visits (although this summer I'm making a huge effort to make millions of memories), but he will remember all of our camping and cottage trips every weekend.  

And at the end of the day, when we are looking at the other moms highlight reels of their days, they probably had a time in their morning when their two year old just cried for no reason, they were cleaning up spilled cheerios and milk and they were exhausted because their eight month old has suddenly decided to wake up every two hours throughout the night.  Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not there.  None of us are perfect, but we are all doing our best.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Cooper at 8 Months

Getting a picture of this guy was tricky this month.  He doesn't want to sit still.  He loves grabbing onto anything he can, so in this case the blocks and his fox.  The sheet underneath him is super wrinkly because he just kept moving around.  But that's why I take pictures every month, so that I can look back and remember what he was like at that point in time!  And at this point we have a happy and content baby who just loves to touch everything!

 Weight: He was last weighed a few weeks ago and he was 20lbs right on.  So I know he's more than that, but not sure exactly how much more.  I'm pretty sure he's officially bypassed his brother.

Clothes: 6-12 months, 9-12 months if that's the way the sizing goes

Diapers: He kept leaking so I switched him to size 4.  He can still wear the size 3's (as they go to 28lbs), but I think his big bum means that the size 4 fits better.  We still use cloth but mostly when we are at home as it's easier with the two of them.  Cooper is more prone to leaks, so if anything I put Parker in cloth more if we are going out because I don't have to change him every hour.

Feedings: Probably still eating around 6 times a day.  He's been teething, which I'm blaming for him being up twice a night.  He will usually eat around 1:30am, 4:30am, 9, 1, 5, 8:30, 9:30 and then go to bed.  

I give him some solid foods but honestly I'm pretty inconsistent.  I try to feed him once a day but know I should increase that.  I mostly give him purees that I made and in the past month we've added beans, strawberry, zucchini, blueberry, butternut squash and creamed corn.  I've given him some banana, blueberry and crackers to eat on his own but he mostly just makes a mess.

Sleeping: We've kind of regressed this month because he's up to eat more.  I think he wakes up with his teeth bothering him and then I just tend to feed him because I've been too lazy to sleep train.  He is definitely napping better though and will usually nap around 10:30am and then 2pm in the afternoon.  He might have another little nap later in the evening between his last two feedings.

He still wakes up happy in the mornings and doesn't demand to eat right away which is nice and probably due to the fact that he's up in the night!
 Developmental Milestones:
-He sits up very well now
-Apparently moves by pushing himself with his legs while on his back - the other day I found him on the opposite side of the room from where I'd left him
-Plays with toys a lot, picks everything up, can transfer hands
-He has one tooth on the bottom!  I keep waiting for that other tooth to pop through as I'm sure it's coming soon.

Same as usual probably.  Loves his big brother.  Loves any toy he can get his hands on.  Is very grabby if he is sitting on your lap and wants to touch everything.  The bath.  Just a happy little guy.  Likes to talk away to his toys in a loud, screechy voice.

-Bottles - he's still not interested, he's a mama's boy
 I had some little sitter photos taken this month and can't wait to get them back!  I love this stage so much where he just sits and doesn't move.  I know the pictures are going to be just adorable.

I had to include all of these pictures to show what our photoshoot was like this month.  Constant moving.  Nothing around him was safe!

Cooper boy you bring us so much joy with your big blue eyes and ginormous smile.  I hope you are always as happy and content as you are right now (although I doubt that will happen).  You and your brother are trouble makers already and you can't even move!  I will find the two of you getting into mischief.  Well, your brother gets into mischief and you just sit there and laugh at him as you are covered in newspaper or all of the clean laundry.  It's easy to be your mama and we love you so much!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Don't Go Changin'

If I could stop time right where it is, I would.

Cooper is in that dream stage where he is just so easy.  I need to brag a bit about how productive I've been today since I didn't have Parker.  We dropped Parker off at my mother-in-law's this morning and then Cooper and I carried on to the library, the grocery store, the bank, another grocery store, and I grabbed lunch for myself and all this kid required was a diaper change.  I didn't have to feed him, because he's chunky and eats properly (unlike another teeny tiny child that I know.)

Then we get home and I have unloaded groceries, cleaned the trailer, worked out, showered and made baby food.  I've fed him a couple of times in there of course.

This stage of babyhood is the greatest.  He can sit up, but he can't move.  He's content to just lay around or sit up playing with toys.  I know it's going to be short lived.  I know he's going to start moving.  It will be exciting when it happens, but oh how I love where he's at right now!

And so there is no better day to go and get his "Little Sitter" photo session done so that I can remember this time forever.  Now hopefully he hasn't been saving his crankiness for tonight!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Cousins Camping Weekend

You can't choose your family, but you can choose how much time you spend with them.  And we sure spend a lot of time with ours.

What started as just a camping weekend that we invited a few extra people to, turned into a full out cousins camping weekend.  6 out of 10 of us were there with our families.  And it was awesome.  And it might have to become an annual thing.  

We stayed at the Rockwood Conservation area, which is close to home.  There is so much to do there that keeps everyone entertained, or you can just hang out on your site too.  Plus, camping with family is awesome because I get free babysitting for my kids.

We were only told once to cut it out with the loud and inappropriate campfire talk...oops! 


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fathers Day Weekend

What a weekend that was.  There was good, there was bad.... Luckily there was good. I can't even really explain this weekend, so I'm just going to show a few pictures of Cooper swimming and Father's Day pictures.  Sorry, but I'm still tired from the weekend and can't handle any more.


Monday, 19 June 2017

Family Reunions and Naked Showers

We had a family reunion at Inverhuron Provincial Park a couple weekends ago.  We had a group site that was right on the water, and it was so much fun.  I love camping with family because there's always something to do, people to talk to, people to entertain and hold my kids and yet you have your own space.

The kids loved it too.  Parker loves to play with his cousins and had a great time at the beach.  Then he needed an outdoor naked shower to get all the sand off him.

Cooper just loves everything, so the kid is easy to please.

Monday, 12 June 2017

From One to Two

I think every mom, while pregnant with her second, has been nervous and sad about the impact that it will have on their first.  I decided I wanted to have children close together because I didn't see why Parker deserved all of this individual time, but no future children did.  And as much as I believed that, as I approached the end of my pregnancy, I was still a little bit sad for him.

I was sad that he wouldn't get quite as much attention, that he wouldn't get to be that only child and only grandchild anymore.  I was worried about how it would affect him and if he would act out. 

When I was pregnant I saw a picture of a pregnant lady sitting on a hospital bed saying goodbye to her first born.  And the hormones were out of control and it made me cry.  When I went into labour, Parker was at my parents as they had been watching him for our anniversary and then kept watching him since I was sick all day long.  So because I didn't know I was going to go into labour at that point, I didn't have to say goodbye to him one last time as an only child.  And for hormones sake, that was probably a good thing.

But now I look at these two boys of mine and think that there was absolutely nothing to be sad about.  When Parker became a big brother he didn't lose anything.  He gained a best friend, someone he will be able to talk to and connect with.  The person who will understand what he's going through if he ever has to deal with death or sickness in the family.  The person he can talk to about how crazy mom and dad are and how they just don't understand what it's like to be young.  Someone he can play with, get in trouble with.

These boys love each other so much, and I'm so glad that I was able to give them each other.  The love honestly does multiply.  And not only is there more love from me and Ryan but there is just an incredible amount of love between them, which is amazing to watch from two people who are so little that they don't really understand what love is yet.

My hope for them is that they are always good to each other, that they always love each other and although I know that siblings can be so different and aren't always friends, I hope that they are.  I know that there will be times growing up that they will hate each other, but I've always been one to look at my family long term, and I hope that as adults they can be friends, they want to be around each other, and they want to be around us. 


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Getting Hitched at the Farm

This past weekend my cousin got married at her Dad's farm.  What was originally supposed to be an engagement party, turned into a wedding 5 weeks before the date as they figured that was just more practical.  For putting it together in 5 weeks, it turned out amazing!  The venue was beautiful and I loved all of the little touches that Dannielle added.  I mean just look at this head table!

We were able to take our trailer, which was so nice when we had the kids.  Cooper actually napped in the trailer through the ceremony.  We could put them both to bed easily and check on them and I was able to nurse Cooper in the trailer.  I wish I had my trailer at every wedding.

Parker had a great time!  I missed a lot of it because I was feeding Cooper and putting him to bed, but apparently Parker was dancing up a storm all night on the dance floor.  

Parker got a little bit tired in the afternoon.  We tried to take some family pictures.  They turned out ok.  But the pictures of the two boys...not so much. Then the poor little guy fell asleep sitting up in his bunk.

The whole day, and weekend actually, were so much fun!