Wednesday, 24 May 2017

First Foods

We are at that point in time where Cooper is eating real food.  I honestly was not looking forward to it at all.  Mostly I didn't want to deal with poopy cloth diapers...but unfortunately babies do grow up and they do need to learn to eat something other than breastmilk!

Cooper started solids a few days after he turned six months old.  He has had carrots, sweet potatos, pears and rice cereal.  So far carrots are his favourite.  He does ok with the purees and I only feed him once a day right now, and miss the odd day.

For those who are interested, I tend to make my own baby food.  It's so much cheaper and it's so easy, and considering how many recalls there are on food these days, it's nice to know what they are actually eating!  All it takes is a bit of steaming of whatever I want to make for them, I throw it in the baby bullet for about 30 seconds and it's done.  


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mom's Day

We are a bit behind over here.  Life has been busy, and with summer coming is about to get a lot busier!

As you all know, Mother's day was a couple of weeks ago.  This day is so much more important to me now that I am a mother.  Now that I'm a mom, I think about all of the sacrifices my own mom has made for me over the years.  I understand her so much better and truly appreciate everything she does for me and my kids.

 The boys and Ryan gave me some great gifts for Mother's Day.  But more importantly than the gifts, I just took the time to reflect on how thankful I am for this life that I have.  My kids bring me an enormous amount of happiness and purpose.  

Being a mom is an honour.  It doesn't come easily to everyone, it doesn't happen for everyone, and the fact that I have the responsibility for these two little people is something I'm so grateful for.  

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Cooper at 6 Months

This post makes me a little bit sad.  My baby is half a year old already.  I'm halfway through my maternity leave (which is the saddest part).  I'm really enjoying being home with both of the boys.  Some days are harder than others, Parker has been giving me a run for my money lately, but overall I just love being their mom, watching them grow and develop and feeling like everything that they learn is because of me.

With that being said though, Cooper growing up is so much fun.  He's really turned into a little boy this past month, and I know that will only continue.

Weight: His six month appointment isn't until next week, but I think he's around 20lbs.

Clothes: I still cram him into some 3-6 month sleepers and he still fits ok in the onesies, but really he's 6-12 months.

Diapers: Size 3

Feeding:  It's so hard to say when he eats on demand because eating times can really vary.  Here is what our rough daily schedule is like I would say:
8am - Up and will be happy for a bit before I eventually feed him.
10:30 - Eats a little bit and falls back asleep - nap can vary in length, if he's in the car seat it's much longer than if he's in his crib
2 - Eats
5 - Eats
8 - Eats
9:30 - Eats and then bed

He can go longer in between and hopefully there is an afternoon nap in there, but every day still looks different for us.  I'm expecting more of a schedule to start soon.

Sleeping: He goes to bed around 10 and wakes up between 7 and 9.  He is typically still up once in the night to nurse, usually between 2:30 and 4:30.  He nurses for 10-15 minutes and falls back asleep.

Developmental Milestones:
-He can roll over back to tummy more frequently, but is often quite content on his back still.  Sometimes he rolls over in bed and then gets very angry.
-Can sit up for short periods of time
-In his bouncy chair he will try to sit more upright

- His toys
- Bath time with big brother
- His big brother in general.  Parker will climb all over him and Cooper just smiles away at him.
- His exersaucer.  He's entertained in there for a long time
- TV.  It really catches his attention.  I was able to keep Parker from watching his own shows until he was 2, but of course because it's on for Parker now, Cooper can watch too.
- Diaper changes.  When I change his diaper he puts his hands behind his head and smiles at me.  So relaxed!

- When he rolls onto his tummy
- Bottles apparently.  We have left him 3 times in the past week and he will take maybe one bottle and then wants nothing to do with them.  When we left for a whole day he ate about 8 oz total.  Luckily he's big and I don't worry about him like I did with Parker.  And I've been told he didn't get too cranky despite the fact that he hadn't eaten...

This kid doesn't really dislike much.  He will cry if he's really hungry or right before he falls asleep.  But often he doesn't even get that fussy when he's hungry, I just figure it's about time to eat and he eats.

This boy is just a joy to be around.  He smiles and laughs easily.  He loves his brother so much and his brother loves him.  I see him becoming a kid in some of the things he does and can't believe how fast the time is going.  I've always been one to look forward to things in the future, and I love that my kids have allowed me to slow down and enjoy each day.  Because one day they are doing something and the next day they have grown and stop doing it.  I'm just lucky to be called mommy.


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Grandma

My Grandma went to be with Jesus on Saturday night.  It's a celebration of a life that was lived well and completely devastating all at the same time and I go back and forth between knowing that she's been reunited in heaven with Grandpa and missing her deeply.

She was made to be a grandma.  She was a teacher and a mother, and apparently was great at both, but I feel like being Grandma was her true calling.  We loved going to her house and sleeping over.  We would fight over who got to sleep in her bed.  She would make us whatever we wanted to eat, which of course we would choose french toast, mac and cheese or homemade chicken soup - those were Grandma's classics.  

I don't remember her ever losing her patience with us.  But maybe that's because we were just good for her.  We had so much respect for her and I never wanted to disappoint her.  

She always bought me pears because they were my "favourite".  They weren't.  I think I went through a pear stage so then for the rest of my life she thought they were my favourite, but I couldn't tell her that they weren't.

She loved to play games with us.  And I'm a game girl.  So going to Grandma's was like winning the jackpot, she could play Yahtzee all day long.

She was the smartest person I have ever met.  She knew everything about everything.  She was a teacher and a librarian way before the internet age, so you actually had to know stuff then.  

She loved my boys and watching her become a Great-Grandma was amazing.  I'm so happy that I was able to share my kids with her and that they were able to meet her, even if they won't remember.  It's pretty special to be able to have a relationship with a Great-Grandparent.

These past few months have meant more to me than I ever would of realized at the time.  Because of my maternity leave I was able to visit Grandma more often.  I'm so thankful for that extra time that I had with her.  I would often take just Cooper and she loved to hold him.  Parker got his special time when my mom took him in to see her.  (Because dragging two kids all the way down the hall of the retirement home that she was in was difficult.)  She was thrilled with Cooper's size and what a good job I was doing feeding him!

30 years of memories is a lot and I could go on and on.  I hope that knowing her has changed me for the better.  I hope that I can look at the way that she loved and try to do the same in my own life.  I hope that I can be as generous as she was.  And I hope that someday a long time from now I can be half the Grandma that she was.

"Oh, I'm in pieces, it's tearing me up, but I know

A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved" 
- Ed Sheeran


Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Cow Cows and Puppies

The funny thing about kids is that when you do activities that you are sure they will love, they usually could care less.  And when you do something that they shouldn't care about, they usually love it.

This weekend, I thought it would be fun for us to go play with puppies and see some cows at a farm up the road.  Because of kids being finicky about what they enjoy, a free farm is the perfect Saturday afternoon activity!  Because the boys barely cared about the puppies and were pretty afraid of the cows.  

 I guess I can't really blame him.  When you are 2.5 feet tall, a full grown cow must seem pretty massive.  It's much more fun to see them in a field as we drive by.

Baby cows are slightly less scary.

But they both loved the swing set.  Because you know, swings are everywhere...


Monday, 10 April 2017

The Happiness Project

This year I started writing in a 5 year journal.  A 5 year journal is one that has a page for each day of the year, with 5 small sections to write a couple sentences in.  You are supposed to do this for 5 years.  

My journal is The Happiness Project journal.  Each day also gives a little happiness quote, in case you need some inspiration.  And there have been very few days that I have forgotten to write since I got it. And there are very few days that I have needed that quote for inspiration.

And it has made me realize that I'm happy and I'm blessed.  This little family of mine brings me so much joy.  Even on the difficult days, I can usually look back on the day and find something that happened that makes me happy to be me. I record what we did that day, or something that Parker said, or something new that Cooper did.  

Practicing daily gratitude isn't something that many people do.  We are too busy.  But then do we get too unhappy?  It's easy to get caught up in the difficulty of life.  An unhappy work environment, being an exhausted stay at home mom.  But when you look around you, how lucky are you actually?    


Saturday, 8 April 2017

These Brothers

The boys had a joint bath for the first time the other night.  Cooper loved sitting up in the tub and watching Parker.  Parker loved helping to bath Cooper.

Watching these two together is amazing.  Cooper is so young still and yet he loves to watch his big brother.  Parker gets the most smiles and Cooper just follows him around.  Parker loves to take care of Cooper.  He's always giving him hugs and kisses.  If I lay Cooper down in bed with Parker, he snuggles up to him.  I'm thinking at this point that a double bed would be better for the two of them than a bunk bed because they just love to be with each other.  I hope that doesn't change.

This morning Parker was sitting on the couch with us and Cooper's head ran into him.  "No baby!" As if Cooper did it on purpose....and for some reason Parker fairly consistently calls him baby, rather than Cooper, or "Popper or Pooper" because he can say cow but for some reason can't say the C at the beginning of Cooper's name.  And he calls himself ChaCha instead of Parker.  Toddler language continues to baffle me.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cooper at 5 Months

Time is flying with this guy.  We are in a fun stage right now (although really all stages are fun...) because he's extra smiley and really starting to interact with us.  Looking back at the old pictures makes me sad because all of his hair fell out this month.  He looks like a completely different baby, and although he's only been bald for a few weeks I had completely forgotten what he looked like with all of that hair!

Weight: About 17lbs 5oz

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: I still have him in 3-6 months but I really think that the next size would fit him better.  I've just been putting it off.  My mom put him in a 6-12 month onesie the other day and it didn't look silly.

Feeding: During the day we are every 3-5 hours most of the time.  Sometimes if he doesn't eat as much he will only go 2, but if we are out we can usually spread them out.  He usually eats about 6 times a day.

Sleeping:  We had a week long stretch where he slept through every night, and then for the past week he has been up once a night.  It really doesn't bother me so I don't mind it.  Parker usually wakes in the night anyways, so at this point I barely notice!  He still goes to sleep at night pretty easily in most cases.  He's starting to nap a little bit better.  I notice a fairly consistent morning and afternoon nap, but they are short.  If we are out I can tell that he gets tired and I can put him in his car seat and he will fall asleep.  If we are at home there are a couple times a day that I can get him to sleep for about 45 minutes in his crib.

Started rolling over last weekend from his back to his tummy.

Grabbing toys and trying to play with them more.

First time being left with someone other than mom or dad.  In the past week I left him with Ryan's mom while I went to appointments, then she also babysat one night while we went out and put him to bed, and this week my mom took him while I went grocery shopping.  So it's been a lot all at once!

Went in the Jolly Jumper and exersaucer.  He hasn't quite gotten either of them figured out but seems to like them.

His brother.  Parker gets the most smiles and Cooper really follows him around with his eyes.
The bath.  He's still a big fan!
Diaper changes.  He's not a fan of a dirty diaper, but the second it comes off he's all smiles.
When he pukes all over his clean outfit.  He thinks that's hilarious...

Tummy time.  And sometimes when he rolls over he gets angry because he really dislikes his tummy.  
When mommy eats supper.

It's been so much fun to watch his personality start to develop.  He's turned into such a smiley little guy.  I like that he's starting to be able to play with toys a little bit and move around a bit more as it gives hims something to do if I can't be playing with him.  I was starting to think that it was getting boring being a baby!  I know these next few months are going to be full of changes and development!  He's going to start sitting up and eating soon and I can't believe how fast the time is going!  Part of me wants it to slow down, but part of me also can't wait to have him and Parker playing together because I think they will have so much fun!

And some of our out-take photos:

Ooooh What's that?
Oops I fell down
Mid Spit Up - gross
He thought the spit up was pretty funny


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Birthday/Anniversary Getaway

So I know I went to Niagara Falls last week....and then two days later I packed up and went back to Niagara-pn-the-Lake.  It sounds crazy, but it was kind of just weird timing.  Ryan and I booked a little weekend getaway to Niagara-on-the-Lake awhile back.  Then my sister wanted to go somewhere for March break an it just so happened that both were a few days apart.  Oh well, I had a great time at both!

So since Cooper was born the day after our anniversary, and I was too close to my due date to risk going anywhere, we had said that for our 5 year anniversary we would do something this winter.  I kind of justified it since it was both our 5 year anniversary and my 30th birthday.  I booked a night at the Pillar & Post in Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is probably one of my favourite places in the world!

Niagara-on-the-Lake is my favourite town.  It's so pretty, the homes are huge, and I'm always wondering why all these people do for a living that allow them to live there.  Plus it's wine country, and I love wine.  So we went down on Saturday morning and hit up a few wineries.  We went to Reif, Inniskillin and The Ice House.  

That night we had dinner at The Cannery which was in the Pillar and Post.  The dinner was included in the package that I had bought and it was unbelievably delicious! The rest of the night we just relaxed in our room.  Why spend all that money on a hotel room if you aren't going to enjoy it!  I also don't typically do dinner in the hotel that I'm staying in, but why not!  It's so nice to not have to get bundled up and pack Cooper into the car.  We just had to walk downstairs.

The next day we took Cooper for his first swim in the pool.  He seemed to enjoy it!

After we checked out we hit a few breweries and wineries.  We went to Oast Brewery and then Konzelmann winery.  I had never been there before and I tried 4 wines and loved them all.  So I highly recommend it because that doesn't usually happen.  After that we went to the Niagara College brewery and wine store.  Ryan got beer and I tasted more wine.  Everything was really good and the people there were really nice.

It was a really nice and relaxing getaway for us.  Even though we brought Cooper, we spent some quality time together which gets really tough when you have a couple of kids.  I could get used to this hotel life, that's for sure!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


 Last week we went on a little March break getaway to Niagara Falls.  We went with my sister and a friend who has two kids.  Another friend of my sisters also went and stayed in the room next to us with her two daughters.  
Our room wasn't ready when we got there, so we hung out in the hallway
March break isn't really the ideal time to go away, but since my sister is a teacher it was necessary.  Niagara Falls was a zoo!  Just getting into the hotel was nuts.  We went to the swimming pool and it was crazy.  We waited in line for breakfast for 40 minutes!

But overall the whole trip was worth it.  The kids had a blast.  They mostly just ran up and down the halls.  Breakfast was totally worth the 40 minute wait.  And the view!  I've never had a fallsview room before and it was worth every penny.
We stayed at the Embassy Suites.  The rooms are so nice, because although they are a bit more expensive (we still have a Travelzoo deal), every room is a suite.  And with kids, that's key!  We could put the kids to bed in one room and still hang out in the other room.  Plus there was a jacuzzi tub.  Which was all fun and games until somebody pooped in it....(cough, my kid pooped...)  Apparently jets make kids poop, is what I'm telling myself because Parker never poops in the tub.
 Big kids love Parker, and Parker loves big kids.  So everyone had a good time running around and playing.  The older kids liked to push Parker and the one year old on the luggage cart.  Cooper on the other hand enjoyed just hanging out on the bed. 
Cooper and Auntie Tal napped while Parker and I had one on one time at breakfast