Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Story of Me

I was born in a small Ontario town in 1987.  The first child for my parents.  Two years later my sister came along.  I was loud and outgoing, always the centre of attention.  She was reserved.  Three years after that, we had a brother.  He was a ginger baby like me.  We enjoyed dressing him up, gelling his hair and making him dance to NSync.  Life was good. 

We grew up.  I became reserved and my sister became loud and outgrowing.  We stopped being able to dress up our brother.  We got a dog.  We moved to a smaller town, but stayed at the same schools.  High school was ok.  Not too hard, not too easy.  I spent 3 months on an exchange in France and learnt only a small amount of French, but had a life experience that I will never have again.  I graduated and went to University where I bought my first house.  I lived with 15 people over 5 years.  There are some life lessons right there!  I broke up with one boyfriend, dated a few guys and began dating the love of my life.  I graduated and eventually got a job in my field.  I married that guy that I started dating in University and we bought a house together.  We live there with our cat and plan on growing old together as crazy cat people.  (Hopefully not.)

To be continued…

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