Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May 24

I'm finally getting around to posting about my weekend.  And what a weekend it was!  For the Victoria Day long weekend we always go up to the cottage with most of the family for the annual Canoe Trip.

The canoe trip started as a father kid bonding thing.  I guess now that most of us are in our 20's it's changed a bit.  Fathers and kids still go, but sometimes spouses and friends go as well.  It used to be an overnight trip, but this year we decided to do the whole thing in 7 hours.  This was also my first time going in about 3 years.
And they call me bits and bites - they are digging through a bucket for candy
One of the highlights would be this tricky tree.  Ryan and I couldn't manoeuvre around it and almost tipped.  So we moved to the side and watched 2 more canoes almost tip and one actually tip.  Then we decided that we should help. 
Tali had to go swimming to catch a paddle and some shoes. 
It was a beautiful day for canoeing.  We have had years where it has snowed, or been pouring rain.  Luckily this was not one of those years.

  Another recent change to the trip is that it's now acceptable to shotgun beer.  And don't I look thrilled to be holding onto the canoes while this is going on.
I told Ryan we had to scope out this section before canoeing down it.  Then everyone else came along and just went for it.  I felt like a dorkstick.  To make myself look a bit better though, many years ago, this area of the river and I got in a bit of a fight.  A rock, a tree and a big scar on Kaileigh's leg later, I'm a little bit wary of the rapids.
Mama Bear (aka me) tried to be healthy and bring along some carrots to snack on.  I was made fun of for it.
And just to increase the cuteness factor on the blog, look at this kid!
 He made my weekend.  He's hilarious and he knows it.  We call him the little dutch boy because, well, he looks dutch.  And his family really doesn't look dutch at all.  Most of the time when he talks, you can't figure out what he's saying, so we had him saying "I don't speak freaky deaky dutch."
 Seems like a good way to start the summer right?  It got me pretty excited for the next 3 months!  Hopefully this nice weather sticks around for awhile!

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