Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I got thinking about the prompt for today in the Blog Every Day in May challenge, and I kind of liked it.  We all have those songs where every time you hear it, it brings back some sort of memory from a certain time in your life.  Today we were supposed to list five of those songs that speak to us.

Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home
This has been my favourite song forever.  Well, since How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days came out.  My sister and I argued over it being our first dance song.  So it's going to be her first dance song (she better use it!) and I walked down the aisle to it, and it was the last song we danced to at our wedding.

High Valley - A Father's Love
When my Grandpa passed away, my mom set up a slide show to this song for his funeral.  Now I can't hear it without crying.  People can have really tough exteriors, and they may not always show their emotions and say "I Love You" (I'm one of those people), but they always have their own ways of showing it.

The Fray - All at Once
I listened to The Fray's CD on repeat during second year of university.  I had just gone through a breakup and was going through a rough time.  School was hard.  Ask my mom about my mini breakdown where I told her I was going to drop out and be a flight attendant....too bad WestJet never called me back....I guess this line was the most meaningful, especially when it comes to a breakup  "sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"  

Nikki Yanofsky - I Believe
Memories of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics - this song gets me every time!  I know the song was Canadian, but I think that every country in the world can relate to the feelings that it evokes.
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Just kidding, haha! But how good is this song.

Trisha Yearwood - She's in love with a boy
I loved this song as a kid, and I knew all of the words at a very young age.  To be honest, I always hoped I would end up with a guy who's "got the short end of the stick" just so that this song would be true.  But I'm pretty sure that my dad likes my husband.  I guess that's a good thing.




  1. Maw Maw Estelle30 May 2013 at 05:57

    What a great post. You sure captured some great songs, touching on so many moments of your life. I remember hearing you sing She's In love with the boy, many many times lol. I just listened to I Believe and it actually sent shivers through me, seeing those red mittens and listening to that fantastic song, such great memories of when us Canadians were about as patriotic as I have ever seen us. And Feels Like an argument that was around our house so many times...but it is a great song. I love watching your wedding video and listening to it. 2nd year university....lets just not go back That mini breakdown cost us a NYC girls trip.
    Think I might just pull out the slide show from Grampa's funeral and give it a watch - here come the tears.

  2. you picked some of my old school favs! especially the chantal song - LOVED that ever since the movie came out!