Monday, 29 April 2013

In the Garden

I spent some time gardening this weekend.  And by some time, I mean a very small amount of time.  I have the attention span of a knat when it comes to gardening.  I just hate it.  I want my gardens to look nice and I think that if I knew what to do with them, it wouldn't be so bad  But usually I end up pulling a lot of stuff out, leaving a lot of stuff in (because I'm not sure what it is and don't want to pull something out that's going to be pretty), and then giving up.

So that's where we got to this weekend.  I pulled out some weeds and tried to clean up all of the leaves and dead stuff from last year.  And then I watched The Real Housewives of Miami.  (Which I might not continue doing, that version of the show just doesn't do it for me.)

Um, that's my gardening post.  Short, just like my gardening experience.

Not my garden.....(source)


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