Thursday, 5 March 2015

Some days

Some days I feel like I have my stuff together.  Some days I don't.  

Some days I think to myself, we are really getting into this routine, Parker and I.  I can feed him and pump and actually function and get stuff done in the time between.  And then I realize I haven't actually cleaned my bathroom in over 6 weeks. 

Some days I shower,  Some days it just doesn't happen.

A few days I have actually put makeup on.

One day I straightened my hair.  And then I didn't wash it for 3 days because I didn't want to ruin it.

Some nights I cry.  And then I feel bad that I'm crying.  But it's ok.  Sometimes I get frustrated that Parker won't eat the amount I want him to eat when I want him to eat.  Or that he then throws a bunch of it up after I feed it to him.  But I should be out of that newborn stage now and things should be easier, but they aren't, because of his preemie status.  So I think the odd breakdown is to be expected.

Some days I get really sick of watching TV.  Never thought I would say that.... but what else is there to do when I'm glued to my couch and too exhausted to accomplish anything else.

Some days I nap.  Some days it doesn't happen.

Some days I get peed on and puked on, one day they happened at the same time.
But every day this little guy is my new world.  It's hard, but it will get easier.  

Every day we have some sweet newborn snuggles.  

This stage won't last forever, and there are things about it that I will miss when it's over. Some day he will talk back and say no and won't want snuggles.  And then I will definitely be missing this stage.


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  1. I still listen to "It Won't Be Like This For Long" from Darius Rucker and it gets me through the hard days but also reminds me of the good. :) xo