Sunday, 21 February 2016

Light on Light off

Clearly an old picture with a 3 month old photobomber in the bottom corner
When we set up the nursery, I was thinking like a parent, and well Ryan was thinking that our child would be perfect and would never do anything unexpected or bad.  (Ha!  I just found the toilet paper roll in the toilet....again...)

So when we put the crib next the light switch, I said, the baby will eventually learn how to flip the light switch and then we might have trouble getting it to sleep.  But the only place to put the crib in our small nursery, was next to the light switch.  Trust me, we tried every possible set up and it didn't work any other way.

So we made it almost 13 months, but I just went into Parker's room while he was napping an the lights were on.  At least he still fell asleep....


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