Monday, 10 October 2016

Pregnancy at 31 Weeks and 32 Weeks

I only got a bit behind again....second pregnancy problems...

31 Weeks
  •  Time is flying by!  I think about how if I have a 35 week baby again, there's only 4 weeks left!  And that stresses me out a bit sometimes, but I'm also so excited
  • It's weird once you have a preemie because you realize that your due date means absolutely nothing.  We have all of these Christmas parties and activities in November and right around my due date and I have no idea if I will have a 4 week old or a newborn or still be pregnant, so it's hard to make plans
  • I was off this week (or last week I guess) and got Parker's room together.  Now I just have to work on the babies room and getting it reorganized.  Parker's room was my priority because I wanted him settled.  The baby stuff will come!
  • Being off with Parker for a week was exhausting, especially when he decides to have some no nap days.  But it was nice to spend some extra time with him.  
  •  Up 34 pounds...yikes!
  • Sleep is tricky.  I'm pretty uncomfortable and am usually awake a few times a night and then realize that while I'm awake that I have to go to the bathroom

32 Weeks

  • I feel like the baby is really low sometimes.  I still get kicked up high but then sometimes literally feel like the baby is going to fall out....that sounds crazy I know.  
  • I had an ultrasound and the ultrasound tech told me she wanted me to wait while she called my midwife to check if I could go home.  Then she said that I could leave and my midwife would call.  I'm still waiting for that call so I don't know if anything is actually wrong or not
  • This weekend is thanksgiving.  I'm sure that will help with my weight gain problem!
  • Everything else is kind of the same.  Sleep is tricky, I go to the bathroom and 5 minutes later have to go again, my belly hurts...
  • The countdown is really on.  This baby is "welcome" to come anytime after 34 weeks.  I would really appreciate it if it stayed in until 37 weeks, but I don't want to be picky, so my first goal is 34 weeks.


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