Sunday, 1 January 2017

Our Christmas

Get ready for picture overload.  I started typing out a blog post about our Christmas, but it was getting long and out of hand.  So I will try to keep this short and sweet with a million pictures.  

Christmas is my favourite time of year!  This year our Christmas started on December 23, as it always does with the Christmas eve church service.  Parker enjoyed it and tried to sing during performances, dance on his chair and kept telling me to shhhh.  Then Ryan took him out to run the halls as an hour long church service is too long for a 2 year old.

Christmas eve we spent with Ryan's family.  No pictures unfortunately because someone (me) forgot to put the memory card in the camera.  Parker was spoiled by Grandma and Aunt Amy and we ate a delicious meal prepared by Ryan's mom.

 I asked Parker to hold Cooper for the Christmas tree picture.  Parker loves holding Cooper.  Cooper doesn't enjoy it quite as much.  

Opening his new training pants - I'm more excited for them than he was.

Parker got a new Cow Cow backpack.
Parker and Cooper got a new kitchen to play with.  It amazes me how at this age he is already totally into playing pretend. 
Cooper just sat in his chair.
Trying to get a family picture.  Parker grabbed my hair, which is pretty normal.  
Parker's new sneaks.
At the Cottage on boxing day - it's a Parker in a box.
He waited very patiently for his gifts.
My grandma holding Cooper on Christmas day.
My family - I love these boys!

On Christmas day Parker got bundled up and went for a snowmobile ride with Bapa.

A new Cow Cow!
December 27 we went to my grandma's.  This is the kids table!  I thought Parker wouldn't be able to handle it, but he actually sat there and ate some of his meal.  He was following his big cousin's lead!  But seriously, he did everything that Trace did.  If Trace scratched his head, Parker scratched his head.  It was pretty cute.

It was a fantastic Christmas.  I know that every Christmas from here on will just get better and better because the kids will have more fun every year.  


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