Sunday, 19 April 2015

Infertility Awareness Week

I want to preface this post by saying that I am not infertile.  It took Ryan and I almost exactly a year to get pregnant, which in the medical world is considered very normal for the average couple.  I feel very blessed that we did not struggle more and that our sweet little Parker is here with us!

But in that year that it took us to get pregnant, my eyes were opened to a different world and the situation that many couples face.  By about month 3 of trying to get pregnant you are worried that something is wrong.  You don't know whether it will ever happen, and for some couples it never does. 

So I just wanted to bring a bit of awareness to infertility.  Be cautious when talking about getting pregnant, how it happened first try for you and was so easy, because to somebody who can't get pregnant, that's a hard thing to hear.  (I heard multiple times when we were trying that getting pregnant is easy and we should get on it, little did they know it wasn't so easy for us.)  I try to never ask somebody when they are going to have babies anymore because you never know what they are going through.  They may have recently miscarried or had another negative pregnancy test.  There may not be an easy answer to that question because they might not know.  

If anybody reading this is trying to get pregnant and having trouble, feel free to talk to me.  Although we did eventually get pregnant I know how difficult that time can be and I went through a bunch of testing and know what the early stages of the infertility process is. So many women go through this alone and don't talk about the struggle, and it makes it so much more difficult.  

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  1. I am on of those "1-8" people who are considered "infertile". I was told by my doctor over 4 months ago it was impossible to get pregnant with a child. me and my husband tried over a year with no success. Was after that I decided to check with my doctor to see if something was wrong and that is when I got the news. I honestly gave up hope when he said that but my husband kept saying "anything is possible". Feeling so helpless is not fun and having something you wanted for so long stripped from your dreams is a living nightmare. I prayed night after night for what felt like forever because I was so desperate. I am very happy to say that I am now 2 weeks pregnant and things are going great! I am not sure if its the praying or countless things I tried but whatever it was worked! Last thing I tried was this ( and I feel it is what did the trick but I know god had to of had a part in it! Don't give up ladies as I myself recently found out their is always hope! God bless!