Friday, 24 April 2015

Parker at 3 months

Parker is 3 months old!  If you don't have kids that doesn't seem like a long time.  If you do have kids you will understand how those 3 months have flown by.  I can't even remember what our lives were like before this little guy came along.

Weight: 7 lbs 11 oz  He's had some slow periods, but he typically is gaining the ounce a day that he's supposed to.

Hair: Still has the old man hair do!  I think it's actually getting worse!  

Clothes: Still in newborn clothes.  He's over 7lbs so some 0-3 month should fit, but it's pretty big on him.  I like just putting him in sleepers, but some other people think that he needs to wear real clothes, so I'm trying to put him in pants and onesies when we go out. His real clothe options are limited at the newborn stage and I refuse to buy more because he should outgrow them any day! (I've been saying that for a month now.)

Diapers:  Will we ever get out of newborn diapers?  I bought 12 used cloth diapers, so we do half and half now.  I'm actually not minding the cloth diapering at all and am loving the cost savings!

 We definitely aren't scheduled.  I feed on demand, so it totally depends on how much he wants to eat at a time.  Sometimes he is eating every hour, or it can be 2, 3 or 4 hours between feeds.  

I try to give Parker at least one bottle a day, to keep him used to it and sometimes I just need a bit of separation!  

Sleep:  He fairly consistently does at least one 5 hour stretch at night.  We have had a few 6 hours, 7 hours and one 8 and 9 hour stretch (ridiculous!)  The 9 hour was just last night and I didn't sleep well because I kept listening for him.  I tried to feed him after about 5 but he wasn't hungry!

At night he sleep so well!  I put him in his crib and rarely have to do anything for him to fall asleep.  I know, I'm lucky, and I'm really hoping that this lasts!

We don't have scheduled nap times but he still sleeps for periods of time throughout the day.  I find that he's very awake after his first feeding and then will nap for awhile after his second.  On days when he's extra fussy if I go in the car or for a walk somewhere he falls right asleep.

Likes: Being talked to by mom, dad, grandparents and his aunts.  Being talked to during his bath.  I discovered that's Auntie Tal's trick, she talks to him constantly and I think it distracts him from what's going on.  Being held.  Playing with his tongue.

Dislikes:  Being left alone.  He wants in on the action, so if he can see us while we are preparing or eating dinner he's much happier!

Milestones:  Sleeping longer stretches!  He's still working on neck strength, we have smiles and the starts of giggles.  He's started focusing on people and objects a lot more.

When I put him on his tummy it amazes me how far he can move.  Luckily he doesn't move off his mat, he just seems to pivot counter clockwise on it.

I swear the kid wants to roll over.  He wants to be a big boy, but he's just so little!  

This past month:  We started going to prenatal yoga with another mommy friend and her baby.  It's not the most relaxing with all the babies around but it's nice to be able to do something somewhat active again.  I haven't really started working out otherwise because my basement is torn apart and Parker is so needy!  When he lets me put him down during the day I always have something else to do!  I never thought I would be that person who couldn't find time to work out....

We are settling in a lot more.  Most days we get out somewhere, even if it's just down to my mom's for a bit.  But it's nice to not feel house bound anymore.


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