Monday, 11 May 2015

My First Mother's Day

Yesterday we celebrated my very first Mother's Day.  I feel so blessed to be a mom to my sweet little boy and am thankful every day that he's mine.  I would do anything for this little boy.

With a young one like Parker, Mother's Day isn't exactly a day that I can sit back and relax.  So my morning started out as it always does, feeding Parker and pumping.  This picture is real life guys.  Opening my gift with my pump sitting on the coffee table.  Ryan and Parker made me a delicious dessert (which we ate later) and gave me a Starbucks giftcard.

Then we went for breakfast.  We thought that by going early we would beat the rush.  We were wrong.  But the wait wasn't too long.  We had planned on going for a family walk after breakfast, but it was rainy, so we just went to Ashanti for coffee instead.  Their backroom overlooks the river and they had the windows open, it was beautiful.

The rest of the day we obviously had to see our own mothers too!  We went out to Ryan's parents in the afternoon and to my parents in the evening. 

 I had a great day celebrating mothers and being a mother.  Even if my little munchkin wasn't always the happiest.  This seems to be a new phase that he's going through and I'm hoping it's a short phase!


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