Friday, 8 May 2015

Some Days Are Challenging

Yesterday started out great.  But then it definitely went downhill.  

All was good until it was time to make dinner, and while in the middle of that Parker got very angry.  And for the rest of the night he was very angry.  

He ate well at 8 and I decided I needed a break and he was going to bed.  He usually eats again around 10 and I put him to bed then.  So far that's been working for us.  Maybe he's at the point where an earlier bed time is necessary, I don't know.  

So off to bed he went.  And then I kind of missed him.  I didn't miss the screaming Parker, I missed the sweet little boy that I'm used to of course.  And miraculously he actually went to bed and fell asleep at 8:30.  (He only slept til 4am so it wasn't all fun and games for mom!)

I know there will be good days, great days and days where he just tests my patience.  I don't like when I'm not able to comfort him.  It was frustrating for both of us.  But I'm lucky to have such a good natured baby most of the time.  Motherhood is about adapting.  Just when you think you have things figured out, their needs change.  But me and the P man are in this together and at least when times are trying I have this sweet little face to remind me that it's worth every second.


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