Friday, 19 August 2016

Boy or Girl?

Is baby O a boy a girl?  I have to admit, I'm so much more curious this time!  I want to know if I will have 2 little boys running around or if Parker will have a sweet little sister.  But I'm going to be strong and not find out!  It's always fun though to look at the old wives tales and make some predictions!

Girl            Heartbeat higher than 140 bpm
Girl            Carrying all around
Girl            Carrying high (I honestly can't really tell...)
Girl            Morning sickness in first trimester
Girl            Crave sweets
Girl            Needle test
Girl            Girls steal your beauty - My skin was much worse                   earlier in this pregnancy
Girl             Not craving protein - I actually wanted nothing to                      do with it early on!
Girl             My first instinct

So you can see why I'm fairly certain that this baby is a little lady!  We will see in a few months if I was right!  There are so many more old wives tales, but some of them I had a really hard time determining.  


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