Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pregnancy at 29 Weeks

  • Only up a pound from my last appointment, so 29 pounds total so far
  • I wake up at least twice to go to the bathroom in the night, plus more just because I'm uncomfortable, plus more if Parker wakes up
  • Irritable uterus seemed slightly better this week or I'm getting used to it
  • Parker started swimming lessons.  I went in the pool with him but wasn't really a fan of the whole pregnant in a bathing suit at a public place thing...So I'm sending Ryan in next week
  • I did exercise a bit more this week.  Either 3 or 4 times.  Nothing strenuous of course, mostly some yoga and a bit of light weights
  • My belly button has been pretty flat for awhile.  The top part of it kind of pops out which makes it look like it has popped, but it hasn't really
Look at me at 29 weeks with Parker.  I feel a lot bigger this time, but really when you look at this picture and compare it, it's not a massive difference.  I feel like I got bigger faster this time and then it slowed down.  However, I'm sure that this baby is going to be bigger than Parker was!


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