Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cooper at One Month

How has a month gone by already? Since Cooper is my second baby, I realize how quickly time flies and how fast babies grow.  I really disliked the newborn phase with Parker.  Mostly because I was exhausted and he didn't eat and it was really hard.  I remember hearing people say that they loved newborns and I thought, you are crazy, nobody can possibly love this stage.  But this time around I'm really enjoying it.  Sure I can't wait for those first smiles and for Cooper's personality to start developing.  But I also love the snuggles, and don't actually hate the middle of the night feedings where it's just us.  (I just prefer that those feedings are 4 hours apart instead of 2 hours apart).

So, just like I did with Parker, I want to keep track of Cooper's monthly development.  He wasn't very cooperative for his pictures.  We were having a cluster feeding afternoon and he really just wanted to eat.  Another thing to note is that Parker wore this onesie in both his 5 month and 7 month pictures...

Weight: He was 8lbs 6oz 5 days ago, and at that point he was gaining about 2 oz a day.  So he could be up to 9lbs by now!

Hair: Still dark brown.  Please never fall out adorable baby hair!

Eyes: Dark blue, so they could definitely change

Clothes: Although his weight is over the newborn clothes size, I think he's a bit short, so he still fits in some of them.  But just yesterday the sleepers all of a sudden seemed a bit snug.  I've been putting him in some 0-3 month clothes over the past week and they definitely don't seem too big for him.

Diapers: Size 1.  He would still fit in newborns technically, but I finished the box, and since newborn diapers are more expensive I refused to buy more of them.

Sleeping: He still sleeps a lot and has his wakeful periods during the day.  At night he will go anywhere from 2-5 hours.  When he wakes up after 2 hours I'm very disappointed!  But the past few days he has been a bit more consistent with the longer stretches.

Likes: Cuddles, eating.  He's a newborn, so that's about it at this point.

Dislikes: Bath time

Eating: He's a pro eater.  He ranges from 20-40 minute long feeds and eats every 2-4 hours typically.  He has his moments of cluster feeding, and it's often from about 9pm on until whenever he wants to stop.  Some nights he has gone until after midnight, which is really hard for me because at that point I just want to go to bed.

Milestones:  He rolled over at 2 weeks old from back to tummy.  Clearly it was a fluke, but we were pretty shocked by it.  He hasn't done it again since.  He really likes to work on his neck muscles when you are holding him upright, but not so much if I put him on the floor on his tummy.

Big Brother: Parker loves to give him hugs and kisses, try to smother him, and cover him in blankets.  We have to really watch him because although he's trying to be sweet, he would lie right on top of him or put blankets on his face and think that he's being helpful.  Parker is striving for attention at times, but doesn't seem to take the lack of attention out on Cooper, which is good.  It's just us who get the temper tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants.

Going from one to two kids really hasn't been as hard as I expected, but I know that a lot has to do with how easy going Cooper is.  I am super lucky!  I have only gone out with the two of them once by myself and it was to go grocery shopping, which was successful.  But I haven't figured out how I would do something with the two of them that didn't involve a cart or stroller, because Parker isn't big enough to actually walk on his own close to roads or in parking lots.  So I might just keep avoiding that for now.  Luckily I have my mom an mother in law super close by.  They have both been really helpful with taking Parker when I need them to or coming to my house to help me out and give me a chance to nap.  

"If you won't feed me I will eat my hand"

Our lives are a bit crazy now, but I feel so blessed to have two amazing children and of course a husband who has been so helpful when I'm constantly feeding Cooper.  He cooks for me, entertains Parker and the other day got up with both boys so that I could sleep in since Cooper was up a lot of the night.  I'm a lucky girl!

And for comparison purposes with the handy monkey....Here are both Parker and Cooper at 1 month!  What a difference!


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  1. OMG! He is so sweet! The boys look so different! The hair! wow! Congrats again!