Tuesday, 21 March 2017


 Last week we went on a little March break getaway to Niagara Falls.  We went with my sister and a friend who has two kids.  Another friend of my sisters also went and stayed in the room next to us with her two daughters.  
Our room wasn't ready when we got there, so we hung out in the hallway
March break isn't really the ideal time to go away, but since my sister is a teacher it was necessary.  Niagara Falls was a zoo!  Just getting into the hotel was nuts.  We went to the swimming pool and it was crazy.  We waited in line for breakfast for 40 minutes!

But overall the whole trip was worth it.  The kids had a blast.  They mostly just ran up and down the halls.  Breakfast was totally worth the 40 minute wait.  And the view!  I've never had a fallsview room before and it was worth every penny.
We stayed at the Embassy Suites.  The rooms are so nice, because although they are a bit more expensive (we still have a Travelzoo deal), every room is a suite.  And with kids, that's key!  We could put the kids to bed in one room and still hang out in the other room.  Plus there was a jacuzzi tub.  Which was all fun and games until somebody pooped in it....(cough, my kid pooped...)  Apparently jets make kids poop, is what I'm telling myself because Parker never poops in the tub.
 Big kids love Parker, and Parker loves big kids.  So everyone had a good time running around and playing.  The older kids liked to push Parker and the one year old on the luggage cart.  Cooper on the other hand enjoyed just hanging out on the bed. 
Cooper and Auntie Tal napped while Parker and I had one on one time at breakfast

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