Saturday, 8 April 2017

These Brothers

The boys had a joint bath for the first time the other night.  Cooper loved sitting up in the tub and watching Parker.  Parker loved helping to bath Cooper.

Watching these two together is amazing.  Cooper is so young still and yet he loves to watch his big brother.  Parker gets the most smiles and Cooper just follows him around.  Parker loves to take care of Cooper.  He's always giving him hugs and kisses.  If I lay Cooper down in bed with Parker, he snuggles up to him.  I'm thinking at this point that a double bed would be better for the two of them than a bunk bed because they just love to be with each other.  I hope that doesn't change.

This morning Parker was sitting on the couch with us and Cooper's head ran into him.  "No baby!" As if Cooper did it on purpose....and for some reason Parker fairly consistently calls him baby, rather than Cooper, or "Popper or Pooper" because he can say cow but for some reason can't say the C at the beginning of Cooper's name.  And he calls himself ChaCha instead of Parker.  Toddler language continues to baffle me.

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