Monday, 10 April 2017

The Happiness Project

This year I started writing in a 5 year journal.  A 5 year journal is one that has a page for each day of the year, with 5 small sections to write a couple sentences in.  You are supposed to do this for 5 years.  

My journal is The Happiness Project journal.  Each day also gives a little happiness quote, in case you need some inspiration.  And there have been very few days that I have forgotten to write since I got it. And there are very few days that I have needed that quote for inspiration.

And it has made me realize that I'm happy and I'm blessed.  This little family of mine brings me so much joy.  Even on the difficult days, I can usually look back on the day and find something that happened that makes me happy to be me. I record what we did that day, or something that Parker said, or something new that Cooper did.  

Practicing daily gratitude isn't something that many people do.  We are too busy.  But then do we get too unhappy?  It's easy to get caught up in the difficulty of life.  An unhappy work environment, being an exhausted stay at home mom.  But when you look around you, how lucky are you actually?    


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