Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cooper at 9 Months

This little charmer is 9 months old now!  So close to a year and his personality is really developing.  We can't wait to see the little toddler that he becomes as he gets older!

Weight: 21lbs 3oz on August 15

Height: 29 inches on August 15

Clothes: 6-12 months

Diapers: Size 4

Sleeping: He is a pretty good napper now.  Has a short nap in the morning usually and will sleep for a few hours in the afternoon and sometimes has a nap in the evening as well.

Night time is a different story.  There have been some really bad nights where he has been up for what feels like the entire night.  Sometimes 4 times.  Sometimes he won't go back to sleep.  Teeth are what I'm blaming because that's the only thing that makes sense.  He got one on the bottom on July 19 but none have popped through on the top yet.  He fairly consistently has been getting up twice a night to eat and once in a while it's just once.  How do I live on such little sleep?  I really couldn't tell you.

Eating: He's not a huge fan of solids.  He likes creamed corn, and butternut squash.  So basically the things I don't make, so he appears to like store bought baby food better!  I really need to work on his solids more.  A couple times on our holidays I would hand him some real solid food and as soon as he got it near his mouth he started gagging and had a massive throw up.  So basically it looks like he will be breastfed forever.

Breastfeeding is going fine.  Still eating about 6 times a day, including night feeds (unless it's one of those 4 times a night nights, then it's more!)  He's pretty efficient in most cases and gets distracted really easily.  

He's grabbing onto things and trying to pull himself up a lot.  Pulls himself from seated to up on his feet a little bit.  Often does a face plant because he leans so far forwards that he falls.  He's a bit top heavy.

He has two teeth on the bottom.  


-The Beach
-When Mommy leaves the room
-Teething - baby doesn't handle it very well, neither does Mommy

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  1. Look at his ginger hair and blue eyes! Wow! Lock up the daughters! ;)