Tuesday, 17 January 2012

It's a new life!

So I’m starting a wee blog.  I have been inspired by a number of other blogs that I have found and think that it’s a great way to not only show others what we have been up to, but also so that we can track our progress ourselves.  This little blog will be about transforming our new home, and about daily life as newlyweds as well.  So here is an introduction to our lives.
                The husband and I got married on November 5, 2011.  On October 9, 2011 we submitted an offer for a new house down the street from his current house.  It was not in our plans to buy a house a month before our wedding.  But we wanted to stay in our very small town, and knew we had to upgrade from his tiny 825 square foot home at some point.  It was the right house, right location, right price, so we had to do it.  It got somewhat complicated when they had 4 offers for the house, and although they accepted our offer, they came back a week later telling us that they had a better offer and that we had 48 hours to remove our condition that we had to sell Ryan’s house.  So we took the risk, and went through some stressful moments over owning 2 houses and not being able to afford it, but hopefully years from now we can look back and find this amusing!

                The house was perfect….except for the interior décor.  We started by walking into the pepto room.  The living room had pink carpet, pink walls and pink curtains.  There were also pink floral couches, but luckily those did not stay.  And that was just the start.  The whole house will have to be redone, so we are starting with the necessary things (like flooring and paint), and hopefully will work our way through a new kitchen, deck, updating bathrooms etc.  Hence the blog!
So I hope you enjoy this little blog of ours.  And just so that I feel  like I’m not stealing ideas from other blogs here are the links to the awesome blogs that got me hooked on the idea of blogging.  All these ladies (and man) are amazing writers and do great jobs with their sites, so check them out!

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