Friday, 20 January 2012

What's in a name?

I feel as if the name of this blog needs a bit of an explanation.  Osbott, what the fire and brimstone kinda name is that?  (Mom had an issue with the use of the word "hell", so I looked up synonyms, fire and brimstone it is!) Anyways, Osbott isn't a name actually.  And when Ryan finds out that that's the name of the blog, he won't be happy!  Osbott is a combination of Ryan's last name (well mine now), and my maiden name.  I thought it was brilliant.  I still do! Ryan didn't think it was a funny joke.  But I feel that its a good depiction of who we are.  After 24 years, I can't just change my name and all of a sudden have a new identity.  I have been known by that name for 24 years!  I live in the same town as many other people with that name.  And when I tell people my name they say oh are you related to this person? Or is this your grandpa? 

So now, we are a combination of these two families, and we will join our names! If I'm not allowed to legally join them, then I will join them in blog land! Ryan will learn to deal, just like how he will learn to deal with the kitten that we will be getting. 

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