Monday, 31 March 2014

An Ode to the Minivan

I really want to drive a minivan.  I know, I'm a weirdo.  When Ryan and I were picking out my Civic, there was this gorgeous Honda Odyssey there that was calling my name.  The funny thing is, I'm totally ok with driving a minivan, which is a total mom car, but the thought of driving a station wagon....well let's just say I would rather ride my bike everywhere.  (Ok that might be an exaggeration.)
It's basically a sports car {via}
Minivans are practical.  They fit so much stuff!  My parents used to have a minivan and the whole family could travel somewhere together, which was fantastic.  These days, if we are going for a family dinner or to some sort of event, we need to take 2 vehicles because there is at least six of us. 

It would come in handy too for friends.  I used to drive my parents van to the bar (I was the DD, don't worry) and fill it full of all my friends.  (Were they my friends or just people who wanted a ride to the bar, I don't know.)  You can fit a 2 people more than you can in a car and are more comfortable doing it.  

If you get the extended minivan you can cram the back full of stuff too.  This is much better for travelling than my little baby civic trunk.  These days apparently they are dropped in the back too so that you can fit even more!  Plus stow and go seating, genius!

My name is Kaileigh, I'm 27, childless, and I really want to drive a minivan.


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