Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Be Present

By now, I feel like everybody has seen the Look Up video, but if not, here it is.

Our technology scares me.  It scares me for myself, for others and for my future children.

I am completely dependent on my phone.  I use it to busy myself when I am in uncomfortable social situations, trying to kill time, or just don't want to talk or look at anybody.  As somebody who is a socially awkward penguin to begin with, being provided with this vice is not a good thing. 

We multitask everything and are present in nothing.  How often do you have your phone out while watching TV, eating dinner with your family and working.  

I don't have kids yet, but the technology that we have today terrifies me for my children.  I never want to be the mother that misses her kids growing up because I was looking at my phone.  While they are playing at the park, I want to be watching them enjoy those moments of childhood, rather than looking at my phone.  I want them to play outside, play games, use their imagination, rather then looking at an iPad screen.  I want them to play car games rather than watching a DVD.  

We grew up in a time where everyone didn't have a handheld electronic device (well besides my Game Boy).  And still, we are dependent on our phones.  What is going to happen to our children who know a world that is no different?

Although one video doesn't change the world, it can change our outlook.  And I just hope that this video has done that.


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