Monday, 5 May 2014

My Problem with Frozen

I'm a bit behind with the whole Frozen thing.  Probably because we don't have kids and don't generally watch Disney movies on our weekends.  But I felt like I had to see it because everybody talks about it so much and our friends with kids had been telling us it was amazing.

And it was good.  I enjoyed it.  (I'm not sure Ryan could say the same, he doesn't understand why they have to sing...)  However, there is something that really confuses me about the movie.

From what I have heard, kids love Elsa.  I have heard of a few instances where kids in school actually sign their work as Elsa.  The Elsa dresses are selling for thousands of dollars on ebay because you can't get them in stores.  So I went into this movie knowing that there were 2 female characters and assuming that Elsa was the better one.  But really the movie was about Anna.
Elsa and Anna - Frozen wallpaper
So I'm kind of feeling like kids think that blondes are better than gingers.  Sure Elsa was pretty and had cool powers, but Anna was entertaining and fun and fell in love with a guy who had a reindeer.  Elsa just had an ice castle.  Big woop.

This right here is ginger discrimination, and I'm just not happy about it.  Blondes get everything handed to them, it's time for a ginger to come out on top....

Maybe I'm just reflecting on my experiences of growing up as a ginger with a blonde sister....I guess I can relate.  She may not be able to turn the world to ice, but man does that girl have some powers of persuasion over pretty much anybody she comes into contact with.  If only Ryan had a reindeer, then we would be even...



  1. haha this is so awesome, and TRUE!

  2. well, I like Anna way better, but I kind of wish I was a ginger...

  3. Well, I have to say, my kiddo loves them both equally. And anytime I get the luxury of playing "frozen" with her{which is every day, over and over} she always wants to be Anna and I get to be Elsa. So, there ya go :)