Sunday, 25 May 2014

I'm All For Patriotism....

On Saturday I went shopping at a mall in Toronto.  I was fairly shocked when I walked past the Gap and saw that the large poster advertisement in the front window of the store contained children holding American flags and wearing clothing that had stars and stripes on it.

I have nothing against America but we are in Canada.  I understand that this weekend is Memorial Day and is a time for American's to be patriotic.  But why would a company such as the Gap, think that American clothing would sell in Canada or that these posters would draw people into the store.  

So when I got home, I went on the Gap website.  Their Canadian site is  That address even has Canada in it!  And yet this is what I found on their home page:

shop dresses
Perhaps somebody who is doing the international marketing for this company should look into how to market to the countries that they sell to.  

Anyways, Happy Memorial Day weekend to my American friends.  I hope you weekend is fantastic and full of patriotism, but I'm sorry I do not want to buy your American clothing.


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