Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bump Date: 32 Weeks

  • Baby is the size of a squash
  • Up 21 lbs, 3 lbs in the 2 weeks over Christmas.  But I blame Christmas and not the baby for that one.
  • Still being told I'm small.
  • My belly button is flat and funny looking.
  • Craving chicken salad after having a sandwich this week.  It was so good!  (Some people might say chicken salad is a no no during pregnancy, I say boo on their shoes)
  • My body is sore.  It hurts to sit, stand, move, bend over.... And I have 2 months left.  That concerns me.
  • I took a sick day this week because I was feeling nauseous and super tired.  Nothing really came of it so I'm not sure what was going on.  It was like morning sickness was back, plus I was just exhausted from lack of sleep.
  • The baby has started being much more active at night and I'm not a huge fan.  The movement is still my favourite part of pregnancy, but I would rather it be during the day then at night when I'm trying to sleep!
  • When I was off sick Ryan put up some shelving and book ledges in the nursery because I was there to direct.  The nursery is really coming together and it makes me so happy!  We are almost there!
  • I really should stop reading regular books and start reading pregnancy books.  For a reader I've been really bad at reading.  My mom gave me a breastfeeding book for Christmas that I really should start reading as my midwife said it's better to be prepared rather than leaning about it when you are actually trying to do it.
  • My midwife is moving to Vancouver.  So far I saw my doctor until 12 weeks.  Then I switched to my midwives and saw the same one until 20 weeks at which point she went and had a baby (the nerve).  Now this one is moving.  So we are onto midwives 4 and 5.  But so far all of the midwives have been fantastic and I'm sure the new one will be great as well, and I really liked the one that I still have (even though I've only met her once...)



  1. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get through the next 8 weeks of waiting. Can't wait to meet you sweet baby!!!

  2. Congrats - you look ADORABLE! :) I am your newest follower, and also pregnant (with babe #2), due in June! Also - I ate chicken salad through my ENTIRE pregnancy & loved it - I have a very healthy two-year old little lady! :)