Monday, 12 January 2015

Bump Date: 33 Weeks

Every week I now think that I can't believe I'm that far along.  If baby was born now it would have a good chance of survival and everything being ok (after a few rough weeks I'm sure) and that thought is both crazy and comforting to me.  At the same time, things can go wrong at any point, and that's terrifying.  Oh the emotional thoughts of a pregnant woman.....

I try to take my pictures on Fridays if I can, but it depends on the day and what my hair looks like etc.  So this week we made it to Sunday with no picture.  While getting ready for bed, I realized I still hadn't taken the picture.  Hence the fact that my makeup is already off.  But if I waited much longer it would have been a 34 week picture!

  • Baby is about 5 lbs apparently.  Although from my size I can't imagine that there's actually a 5 pound ball of baby in there.
  • I'm so sore and tired.  All of the time.  And it's an exhausting thought to think that there isn't an end to this. From what I hear you don't have a baby and then get to sleep.  It's not going to get better!
  • I saw on another blog this week something described as the Hormone Hurricane.  And that is exactly the perfect description for it.  In a real hurricane you get more warning though.  This one you never know when it will hit or why it will hit.  What will set me off?  I couldn't tell you.
  • This week my hormone hurricane was brought on by the fact that I realized that I'm totally unprepared to take care of a tiny human.  The pregnancy thing I can research and figure out along the way and it's not that hard.  I can design a nursery.  But I don't have baby products.  I have no newborn diapers, wipes, I don't have baby shampoo, do I need that?  I don't know what I need!  And then do I get maternity pictures?  How important are they?  And then Kaileigh went crazy and cried and couldn't stop and thought that it was best to get it out.  But no, I cried the next morning too.  If this is me now, post-partum is going to be disastrous.
  • I bought some granny panties this week.  What does that have to do with being pregnant?  Well apparently they are needed after delivery... I have never bought granny panties before and there were a lot of options.  It was a tough decision.  I know I need to get started on my hospital bag at some point though so I wanted to start prepping.
  • My calves and ankles are starting to swell
  • I miss exercising properly.  
  • Only 5 more weeks of work. Which isn't very long, but also seems like a long time.  I wish I was done earlier so that I could rest, but I know I would also go stir crazy and would rather have that time afterwards with the baby.  At this point I just hope the baby doesn't come early so that I actually get my two weeks off before to have some me time, relax and get organized. 


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