Thursday, 5 November 2015

4 Years

4 years ago today I married this guy.  Since then we've bought and renovated a house, gone to Jamaica, New York, Chicago, the Dominican Republic and the Finger Lakes of New York.  We've bought 2 trailers (and sold one of course!) We got a rambunctious kitten who has grown into a rambunctious cat.  We've celebrated 4 Christmases and 3 super bowls.  And best of all we've created a teeny tiny baby who is the centre of our entire world.

He's my best friend and my partner.  He's a better cook than I am but I'm making up for it now in cleaning dirty diapers.  He's an amazing dad and I love watching the way that he loves Parker.  

So here's to many more years and many more babies together.  (I have to keep throwing that out there until he finally agrees to it...)

Love you fella.

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