Thursday, 12 November 2015


  • Parker got congested last night and didn't sleep much.  He may or may not of ended up in bed with me.... a mamas gotta sleep....
  • Today he is fairly miserable unless he's being held upright, which makes me fairly exhausted
  • On the bright side, it gives me an opportunity to try out essential oil remedies for congestion
  • I smell poop right now.  And it's hard to know whether that means it's on me somewhere or if it's just a memory of what Parker's room smells like.  And as I'm writing this I realized it's my yogurt container, fantastic, peach yogurt smells like baby poop...
  • I finally think I have Parker's babysitting figured out for when I go back to work and it's a huge relief and weight off my shoulders
  • I have been searching for a winter coat for Parker.  I don't want to pay $60, I definitely don't want to pay $120, but my baby needs something warm!  And apparently the stores don't think that winter coats are important for babies because a lot of stores don't even carry anything.  It might be because my baby is so teeny tiny and he's supposed to be snug in his car seat all the time.
  • Right now I need all the coffee.  That's all folks.


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