Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Be Present

An old Christmas picture just because
Last night my sister and I went to another amazing yoga class at Shakti Power Studio in Fergus.  These classes make me think that the hot yoga I used to go to was a joke.  Nerine (the owner/instructor) is hardcore!  You come out of her classes feeling tired, energized (yes you can feel both at the same time), happy and strong.  

I don't like fluffy yoga.  Sure calming your mind is great, but I also want to feel like I worked out.  And in her classes, that's what you do!  Plus sometimes they do headstand or handstand prep (which you don't typically get at hot yoga).  I love feeling like I have something to strive towards.  Some day I will do a headstand or a handstand or both!

She also says some of the most insightful things that I have ever heard.  Last night after class we were talking about why as adults it feels that life is rushing past the older we get.  She said that it's because children are completely present.  They aren't looking forward to what is coming up tomorrow or next week or a year from now.  They don't worry about the test in 3 days or the vacation in a month, if they are playing on the playground, they just play.  
This is something that I had never thought of before.  I think I have blogged before about being present and enjoying the stage you are currently in, but I had never actually thought of the reason that life rushes by faster and faster the older we get.  As adults we are so concerned with what the future brings.  I am worried about going back to work in a month.  Or you look forward and think when I get married I will be happy, when I have a baby I will be happy, when my baby is older I will be happy (I don't think this one, I'm truly happy now).  We need to just enjoy life one day at a time.  Wouldn't it be nice to throw away our calendars?  When I figure out a way to actually do that I will let you know...

So let us all be more like children.  Let's enjoy each day of the Christmas season and not worry about what happens when it's over.  


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