Saturday, 8 February 2014

On Being Done School

On Wednesday I got my mark back for my final exam for my accounting designation.  And I passed.  

As my mom said, I have said that I have failed every exam that I have ever taken, and in reality I have passed them all except for one.  This one was no different, I was positive I had failed.  But I didn't.  And I'm kind of still surprised by it.

So now it's a waiting game.  I'm just waiting for the organization to officially deem me a Certified General Accountant.  And to be honest, it hasn't hit me yet.

I've been in school since I was 5.  I have done 5 years of post-secondary education followed by about 3 years of courses working towards this accounting designation.  That's 8 years of post-secondary!  And I'm done.  It's a weird feeling, that's for sure.  

After 8 years of work, it seems like it should be never ending.  Like I should continue to have courses that I have to be constantly working on and stressing about.  My stress level just dropped dramatically.  I have so many feelings at the moment.  I'm happy, I'm relieved, I'm proud of myself.  I pride myself on not quiting anything and I didn't quit, despite wanting to on multiple occasions.  I'm pretty sure that this calls for a glass of wine.



  1. So so so so proud of you!!! Aren't you glad Westjet never called you??!!!! As your mommy says "smarty mcsmart smart"

  2. That is awesome! Congrats girl, huge accomplishment!