Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why We Work

We work because because Ryan likes to do activities (also known as chores), and is generally ok with the fact that I don't.

We work because we both had similar upbringings and so we want the same things out of life.

We work because we support each other with our dreams and ambitions.

We work because I don't mind that Ryan needs his Wednesday nights with the guys.  And I actually really enjoy the time to myself.

We work because neither of us really like to fight.  So we don't.  But also there rarely seems to be anything worth fighting over.

We work because Ryan gets up early on Saturday mornings and makes me coffee and cleans the kitchen. 

We work because we're honest with each other and don't keep secrets.

We work because we both like going out and seeing new things, and travelling and trying new foods.  And we love to do it together.  

We work because Ryan tells me that The Real Housewives is stupid, and I tell him that Swamp Loggers (or insert weird guy show here) is stupid, but we don't really mind that the other person is watching it.

But mostly I guess we work because we care, we care about each other and our marriage and so we work hard to make sure that the other person is happy.  And that's what marriage is all about.
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  1. Very good reasons :) I wish my fiance liked to do chores!

  2. AWE! I love this! How sweet! Caring and wanting your marriage to work is sooo important! I just popped over from The Daily Tay! I have been loving reading what everyone has to say!

  3. Just found your blog through the link-up and am really excited that I did! You and Ryan seem like such a great couple! Thanks for sharing :)