Wednesday, 12 February 2014

When You're Uninspired

I've been feeling particularly uninspired lately when it comes to this blog.  So Jenny's post with questions relating to this exact situation couldn't have come at a better time.  Prompts like this are great, because they give you something to post about and allow people to learn a bit more about me!
1) What is your favorite thing to have for dinner when you are only feeding yourself?

Every Wednesday, Ryan goes out for Wing night with his friends.  This leaves me to fend for myself and I love it.  Most often I make up a stir fry on Wednesday nights with chicken, peppers and zuchini.  It's delicious!
2) What do you do when your mind needs a break-either to relax or inspire you?

I watch mindless TV.  Like The Real Housewives.

3) What is a word that you are very glad exists?

This is a weird question.  I guess I choose phenomenal.  Because you know that something is truly phenomenal when that word is used to describe it.

4) What is a subject you are interested in right now?

I take a lot of interest in fitness and healthy living.  I don't always follow what I learn because let's face it, life is to be enjoyed.  But I like having knowledge in this area so that I can make better choices.

5) How ready are you for spring?

I don't remember a year when I was more ready.  I think that usually we don't really get lasting snow until January.  This year it snowed in November and we haven't seen grass since.  I really wish a sunny vacation had of been in the plans.

6) What is the most random thing on your mind presently?

I've come to the realization that I'm fairly good at knowing when people are pregnant.  It's not really an intuition actually, it's more that I notice things, like small weight changes (sorry I'm that person), combined with sickness, absence due to doctor's appointments.  So now I'm guessing that people are pregnant without even seeing them, I just have this feeling.  Yes I'm crazy.  I guess I will wait a few months and find out if I was right about any of them.

And this picture has nothing to do with this post, but is this not an excellent use of the giant piles of snow on our streets? Next to it, it say: "We were made for this." and "True north strong and free".  And this made me happy this morning.

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