Friday, 27 June 2014

Expect the Unexpected....It Starts Again

I really want to blog today because I've been seriously slacking lately, but I just don't know what I want to talk about.  So I just opened up a new post and started writing....

Ok let's talk about Big Brother. 

It's weird for me because Big Brother Canada just ended a few weeks ago.  So honestly I'm kind of Big Brother'd out.  Plus when comparing last seasons's Big Brother and either season of Big Brother Canada, the Canadian version was actually significantly better with more likeable players.  Step up your game America!

But anyways, I've watched every season, so I can't quit now. 

Here are my picks for who will do the best after watching the first two episodes (I always like to make these predictions just to see if I can pick them right, which I usually can't)

Amber Borzotra
I don't know if Amber will actually do well, but she seems fairly put together and likeable.

Cody Calafiore
If Cody can make it past the first week he will make it far, because he's cute and people already like him.

Donny Thompson
I LOVE Donny!  He has the cutest smile and is just so endearing.  I think if he can get in with the right people he will be super trustworthy and will fly under the radar.  He also knows the game, and I think that his strategy to just try to come across funny is a great one at this point in the game!
Joey Van Pelt
Once again people like her, America likes her already and she seems smart.  I feel like she might run this show.

On the other hand, there are a few people that I think are going to do terribly in this game.
Zach Rance
Zach's home interview stated that he hated people who talked, breathed and lived.  He came into the house and said that he didn't care what any of these people had to say he just wanted to win the game.  Well then bud, you need to find a new game to play.  Big Brother is predominately a social game, and unless he's a super good actor, it's the relationships that you make that win you this game.  I expect him to be gone very soon if anybody else picks up on his hatred for people.

Caleb Reynolds
Winning the first HOH is generally never a good thing.  And being cocky from the beginning is also not good.  People will now see him as a threat plus he acts like he knows he's a threat, which is just annoying.

Are there any other Big Brother fans out there?  What did you think of the newbies on this season?

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  1. Oh oh oh! Found you through the July link up. I love Big Brother. I loved Joey!!! I'm enjoying the hotness of the guys, but they mostly seem cocky. I'm still debating who I'm going to root for!