Monday, 16 June 2014

Suntan Lotion is Good For Me

Scent is our sense that has the strongest connection to memory.  When I was in high school, I participated in a three month exchange to France.  The house that I lived in there smelled a certain way.  I can't even tell you what the smell was, but every once in awhile I will smell that scent again and it brings me right back.

I have one Grandma that always smelled like Avon cream.  My other grandma like orange juice.  Those two scents remind me of my grandmother's whenever I smell them.

So this past weekend we were at a pool party and my sister says to me "you know how grandma always smells like orange juice? you always smell like sunscreen"

And that right there is the life of a Ginger.  I always smell like sunscreen.  Sitting out on the pool deck I'm not sure that anybody besides myself and the 3 year old were wearing sunscreen.  Because as the commercial that I keep hearing on my radio says "Nothing looks better than tanned skin and white teeth"  But for us Ginger's the probability that we will burn just makes it not even worth the risk.  So I lather on the sunscreen even if I'm only going to be outside for 10 minutes, because yes in that 10 minutes I can feel myself starting to burn. 

The jokes on everyone else when my skin looks great when I'm older...

Oh ya and my sister wants to invent sunscreen for gingers that smells like body lotion rather than sunscreen.  Good idea?  Maybe.  Or maybe then I would just constantly smell like vanilla or lavender.


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