Monday, 6 October 2014

Bring on the Babymoon

For those who don't know, a babymoon is a last getaway for expecting couples before baby arrives.  Although things are about to change for the better, these changes are going to be significant.  Travelling with just the two of us, and certain types of vacations may become things of the past, or something that we might not do for a few years.  So we finally booked our babymoon, and I'm so excited!

At the end of the month, we are going to Chicago for 4 days!  I considered Cuba for a long time as October prices are cheap, but I finally realized that Cuban food fears and baring my belly in a bikini wasn't what I was into.  A city trip is perfect because it's something that we won't want to do with young kids for awhile.  I also wanted to go before I was too far along as I want to be comfortable.  So we will be going when I'm around 22 weeks rather than waiting until closer to my due date.
It turns out there is tons to do in Chicago and I have a lot of ideas for how we can occupy our time already.  But I'm open to suggestions!  So if you have been to Chicago, tell me what you loved, what you hated, and what you ate, because food is just as important to me as anything else!  (I've been looking at pictures of Chicago deep dish pizza on the internet and the craving for it has started already, it looks so good!)
Lou Malnati's Pizza - How good does that look?

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