Thursday, 23 October 2014

Bump Date: 21 Weeks

On Friday I will actually be 22 weeks, but due to some extenuating circumstances (aka internet issues) this one is a bit late!

What Fruit are you?  This week baby is the length of a banana. 
Next appointment:  Midwife appointment this Thursday.
Exercise: Maintaining my regular level of working out and doing the usual, a mixture of weights, cardio and prenatal yoga.
Stretch marks: Nothing that I’ve found.
Swelling: None.
Maternity clothes:  Still all maternity pants (unless I’m at home in yoga pants), some maternity shirts.  
Sleep:  Blech.  That’s the sound I make when I realize that I’m not getting a good nights sleep anymore.  Between the peeing, the vivid dreams and the just waking up throughout the night I don’t feel well rested in the morning.  And I’m not even uncomfortable yet!  There is a lot of discomfort when I lie flat though from the acid reflux, so if it’s bothering me I have to sleep propped up and that helps.
Food cravings:  Still nothing specific. 
Symptoms:  Acid reflux…. It’s getting worse and another 19 weeks of it does not sound fun!  And why are stairs so difficult for us pregnant folk?  I’m in decent shape, I work out, but give me a flight of stairs and I feel like I ran a marathon.
Movement:  Still just little movements, usually down really low.  A couple of times I have thought I could feel it from outside, but baby never stays moving long enough for me to figure it out.
What I miss:  People not thinking it’s ok to basically call me fat.  Hint to the non-preggos, telling a pregnant girl that she’s not even showing and it just looks like she’s been eating pizza is not a compliment! (Yes I actually heard that this week, along with multiple other people telling me that I’m not showing at all.  I remember that my stomach used to be fairly flat, but apparently they don’t.) I would rather look pregnant and show than just be fat. 
What I'm loving:  That we are more than half way.  And yet that’s also scary.
What I'm looking forward to:  Setting up the nursery.  Hearing from the midwife about the anatomy scan, hopefully everything is good, but I’m getting kind of anxious about it.
Best moment this week:  Baby co-operating at the ultrasound.  I was afraid that it would still be in the exact same position as last week and I would need to go back again!  But I’m pretty sure they got all the pictures they wanted this week.


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