Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Bump Date: 29 Weeks

  • Baby is the size of a large butternut squash
  • It is around 3 lbs but is within 3 inches of it's final birth length.  Sounds more like a string bean to me!
  • Baby is kicking up a storm in there some days.  Other days it seems a bit lazier and I only get light kicks.
  • I looked it up to see if there's a point where you should stop exercising in pregnancy, because I'm tired.  That was just wishful thinking though, as long as I'm able I can exercise until delivery.  I'm still physically able to do it, I'm just feeling lazy.
  • I took Thursday off to go Christmas shopping in Toronto with my mom.  We drove into a snow storm to do it, but it was worth it.  I finished up my shopping plus got a bunch of stuff for the nursery at Ikea.  It was a very successful trip.  Although not a relaxing day off at all.  I was exhausted at the end of the day and was so sore from all of the walking and standing!
  • My belly button is getting a bit flatter but I'm not sure that it will ever pop out.  That's ok with me.
  • Feeling more and more anxious about birth and breastfeeding.  Labour just looks bad, I know I can do it, and everyone says it's so worth it and they would do it a hundred more times.  With breastfeeding everyone says it kills, I had to give my baby a bottle, it hurt for 6 weeks straight, yikes!
  • We're in the third trimester.  Craziness!
  • I miss being able to bend over and having a body that works properly and isn't sore all the time.  I have a massage next week (or this week since I'm a few days behind posting) so maybe that will help.
  • It's almost Christmas!  Just a week and a bit left until our last quiet Christmas as a family of 2! 


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  1. I felt the same way about labor and breastfeeding especially! We took a class through our hospital and it really helped calm my nerves! It will be difficult and painful at times, but we (I) learned ways to deal with it and be prepared! I definitely recommend a class or a book!