Monday, 22 December 2014

Bump Date: 30 Weeks

30 Weeks.  How did that happen?  Time is going so quickly now and I feel totally unprepared.  Baby has a nursery (that is incomplete) and that's about it.  I'm really hoping that once Christmas is over I have some time to focus on what still needs to be done.  But I doubt it.

  • Baby is the size of a cucumber
  • Less than 1 pound gained from my last appointment for a total of 18 lbs!  It's a Christmas miracle!  More likely I'm losing muscle.
  • Exercise was basically non-existent this week.  I have been so busy with stuff on every night and it just didn't happen.  The next week probably won't have that much either since it's Christmas.  But I have to remember that so many people don't exercise at all during pregnant so I've done pretty well to this point.
  • I hadn't realized that I was having Braxton Hicks until the midwife told me I was having one when she went to hear the babies heartbeat.  I don't really feel them so much but I can now tell when I'm having one from how hard my stomach gets.
  • I miss not worrying about being stressed.  I've been super stressed at work and I know that it's not good for me or the baby, but that just makes me stress more.  It's a vicious cycle.
  • I’m finally admitting that my belly is small.  It was really starting to get to me that everybody said I was so small.  But then this week I looked at other people’s 30 week pictures and they are so much more pregnant than me.  And I mean that in a good way.  But the midwife isn’t concerned and says I’m measuring fine.  
  • I have now met both of my midwives.  For going with a midwife I sure have had a lot of different care!  I saw my family doctor until 12 weeks, then I started seeing my midwife who was pregnant til about 22 weeks at which point she went on mat leave.  I have seen each of my other midwives once.  Luckily they are both great and since appointments are becoming more frequent I will hopefully get a lot of face time with each of them.
  • It's Christmas this week!  I'm so excited to enjoy our last Christmas of just the two of us and am ready to soak it all in.



  1. you do look great! :)
    when the 30 week mark comes it seems SO close! hope you can relax a bit and enjoy this last stretch!


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