Thursday, 11 December 2014

Ways to Destress....At Christmas....When You're Pregnant

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This time of year is amazing, but it can be super stressful as well.  As much fun as all of the parties and events are, it makes life extremely busy.  Add in to that having to shop and get all of the gifts that you need.  It can get stressful and so I personally need some ways to relax.

Number one on my list would be to enjoy a glass of wine when you get home from work.  Of course this is not what I am doing at the moment, but if I could, I would!  There's something about a nice glass of wine after a long day that is so relaxing!

Get a massage.  Ok so I'm super busy and the last thing that I need is to add another appointment to my plate, but yet I have a massage next Wednesday.  But I think that it will be worth it when it's done.  And my body hurts, so I really need it. 

Make time for crap TV.  I love junky TV.  The Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, whatever floats your boat.  They are ridiculous shows, but watching these mindless shows can be very relaxing.  

Be prepared.  If you have a lot of gifts to buy, being organized and prepared is key to being less stressed.  Make a list of who you need to buy for, what you have purchased and what you still need to get.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the gift buying until I wrote everything out and realized that I was actually doing pretty well in the gift department.  I only have a few more small things to get, or I generally know what it is that I need to buy people.

For you preggos out there, sit back, relax and feel baby kicks.  Nothing is more calming than feeling that little guy or girl kick you in the stomach, funny enough.  (Except when I was trying to sleep in this morning because I have the day off and the baby decided I should be getting up!)

Don't book yourself too solid.  For me, as an introvert, I need some me time.  So if we have an event on a Saturday night, I don't make an effort to make plans on the Friday because I know it's too much for me.  I would rather sit in on the couch, with a hot chocolate, my husband and a Christmas movie.  
Enjoy the season, it only comes once a year!


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