Friday, 18 September 2015

My Little Fishie

Parker has been swimming like a fish this week!
This is an old picture because I didn't take my camera into the public pool!
On Tuesday we had a date with my cousin who is at home with her 4 year old daughter on Tuesdays and so we went to the pool for mom and tot swim.  We probably spent around 40 minutes in the leisure (kiddie) pool.  It's so nice and warm and Parker loved it.  I loved that the water was either shallow enough to sit in or up to my chest so it was easy to swim with Parker.  I even gave him his first dunk and he was a champ!

Then on Thursday I started DiaperFit.  I had a friend who had done it but I didn't really know what to expect.  Basically Parker sat in a little boat and floated next to me while I did an aquafit class.  The class was much more difficult than I was expecting it to be!  I could really feel it in my arms and legs!  I so badly want to get a picture of Parker in his boat because it's the cutest.  He loved it and just sat there and looked around at everything going on around us.

Then the last 15 minutes we went back to the leisure pool and did a baby class with the kiddos.  We sang songs and blew bubbles and went under the water a few more times!  The little girls in the class didn't like that, but the boys were all great.

I can't wait for many more swim classes with my little guy.


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