Monday, 28 September 2015

Blue Jays!

On Saturday we headed down to Toronto to see the Jays game.  For those of you living under a rock, the Jays are doing amazing this year, so instead of the 20,000 fans they usually get, they are selling out the Rogers Centre with closer to 50,000 fans.  This makes for quite the event!
We had a big group of friends who went down, plus we knew more people sitting all over the place.  We ended up watching the first half of the game from the Flight Deck, which is basically a bar where you can stand to watch the game and it's lower than where our seats were.  Then we went down to where my sister's seats were in the 100 level and watched a bit from there as well.  The Jays won and it was a pretty high scoring game, so it was a fun one to be at.  

Now of course, this was the first time that I had left Parker and went further than half an hour from him.  He had a slight fever when we left, which I attributed to teething (because that's what moms do) and figured he would be fine.  After the game, we were out for supper and my mother in law called to let me know that he wouldn't take his bottle and his temperature was pretty high.  Clearly Parker doesn't like me having a night out!  So we headed home so that I could feed him, which wasn't a huge deal since we were done dinner and had been gone most of the day as it was.

Despite his fever, I think that he had a good time with his grandparents, aunt and uncle and doggie cousins!  He ended up being sick all weekend but he seems to be doing a bit better today, so I'm crossing my fingers!


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