Monday, 21 September 2015

Yoga, A Barn and Relaxation

This weekend I attended my very first yoga retreat.  A yoga retreat has been on my to do list (or 30 before 30 list) for a few years now, but to be honest I never thought I would actually go to one.  Since having a baby I figured that taking the time away and finding the money for it would never actually happen.  Well then the yoga studio that I go to had a local retreat for $50.  Yes, $50!

What I learned from this was that first of all you don't have to travel across the province, or across countries to have a successful retreat.  You just have to drive 15 minutes to a barn outside of town.  Once there, I knew that I was there for the day.  The baby was taken care of and I had nothing else to do except for immerse myself in a day of relaxation, fitness and fun.  And this barn wasn't just any barn.  It was beyond gorgeous inside and the fact that it was a rainy day was actually perfect.  It was so cozy.

I went with my sister Tali and our friend Kim.  We started the day with an hour and a half long vigorous yoga class.  The teacher Nerine is fantastic!  I have never been to a more difficult yoga class than one of hers, but that's what I love about them.  Sure I love that yoga can be relaxing, but I also love when I feel like I really worked out.  And let me tell you, her classes are a workout!  This class was perfect.  There were times that I had to come out of the lunges because my legs felt like they were going to collapse beneath me, but that's ok!

Next we had a delicious and healthy lunch.  My sister is always trying to get everyone to eat healthier, but I love pasta and chocolate.  But the stew we had that was made with veggies and chick peas and placed on top of couscous was delicious!

After lunch we went for a hike along the river.  It was pouring rain but I'm so glad that Nerine talked me into going.  When else are you going to go for a walk in the rain?  Sometimes it's nice to just let go.  I can admit that I can be somewhat uptight, so to let go of that and get a bit wet and dirty felt great.  

The afternoon had a rejuvenating yoga class, meditation and some adjustment massage.  It was all about relaxing. 

I think it was the most relaxing and fulfilling day that I have ever had.  If I'm going to have a baby free day it was exactly what I wanted to be doing!  I can't wait until the next one.


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