Thursday, 3 May 2012

Paris in My Kitchen

We finally hung some art in this house!  First one to go up was this massive Paris pic from Ikea.  I have loved this picture for years, but it is so big that I never had anywhere to put it.  Now I do.  It makes me ever so happy.

First things first.  We marked the wall.  Lots of marks.  The middle of the picture, the height we wanted, where the two screws needed to go. 
The picture is so big that we wanted two screws in the wall to hold it and to keep it straight.  So we measured out from the middle of where we wanted the picture to be on the wall to about 17 inches on either side of it.
Ryan made sure that the marks that we made were level with each other.  Very very important.
Then he drilled the holes.  I'm glad he has the nerve to do this.  Holes are semi-permanent and scare me, cause I would screw it up.  We put anchors in the hole to make it more secure.
Then he hammered screws into the anchors to hang the picture on.
After that, I tried to hang the picture.  It was too heavy for lil old me, so I needed Ryan to help.
 And voila!
  Isn't she lovely? I like her. 

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  1. I've seen this at IKEA, I love it! SO beautiful!