Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sometimes and Always

I have recently started reading Megan's blog, and she does this link up for something called Sometimes and Always.  So I thought I would give it a try! 

Sometimes the kitten drives me nuts with her shenanigans
Always I don’t regret getting her cause she's so darn cute

One of her better moments - scratching Ryan's shorts instead of climbing the curtains
Sometimes I feel like I should eat healthier
Always I say yes to dessert

 Sometimes I actually clean my house
Always I feel like I should be cleaning my house

Sometimes Coffee makes my stomach hurt
Always I keep drinking it anyways
 So that's it, my first Sometimes and Always

Oh I forgot one...
Sometimes I should be studying for the tax exam I have in a week
Always I am procrastinating by blogging

Thanks to Jasmine for helping me figure out how to get this nifty button onto my blog!



  1. I followed twice, since I was logged in under my other account. Hope you don't mind =) I just found your cute blog from Megan's link up today! I know what you mean about cleaning! Believe me.

  2. Hey just found you through the link up. Just copy the url under her button on the side bar of her blog. Then switch ur posts into HTML vs Compose mode and paste it right there - when you switch back to compose mode you can move it where you like.

    Also yes, I procrastinate doing plenty by blogging. Good ones.

    1. Thanks Jasmine! I'm pretty new to this and it probably would have taken me ages to figure that out!